Where Was I?

This morning I awoke in the RV in Ocean Park, Washington with no memory of how I got here. Diane and the dogs are also here, as is the Buick, so apparently it was a planned event. Since the Buick is here, the assumption is that I drove the RV all by myself, but I think Panzee must have driven part of the time. There’s no other reasonable explanation because Ozzie’s legs are just too short to reach the pedals.

I learned this morning that I was driving when we got here, and I parked the rig with JR’s assistance, and worked really hard to get TV reception so Diane could watch Obama’s speech last night. So, I was externally lucid at the time, but comatose on the interior.

It’s really not a bad way to get around because it’s a lot like time travel … you begin your trip the, ZAP, you’re there. How convenient.

Heather and Jeff shared a picture on Facebook of a wide eyed guy with the caption “I’m smarter then you’re”. I’m going to have that put on a t-shirt. It’s very cool.

It’s later in the day now so, so it’s apparent something interesting has happened since I quite earlier. Let’s see … I went golfing with Doug, JP, and Mike. Everyone but Doug did terrible. Doug shot 3 over par. Nice. I was double par, at least.

After hanging my head for a short period of time, JP and I returned to the camp site to see if the girls were back from their garage sale extravaganza. They were already done and were sorting through their treasures.

It’s miserable hot today, one of the reasons I golfed so badly, I’m sure. All that sweat dripping in my eyes stung, making it hard to see and concentrate at the same time. Since I have trouble doing that when I’m not sweating, it was doubly bad. So, that’s the real reason I golfed badly. There can be no other reason.

My mind just dried up so I’m quitting,

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