What Day Is It?

So, there I was, just a walkin’ down the street, singing, “do wah diddy, diddy, dum, diddy, do. Shuffling my fingers, and a snappin’ my feet … ”

That’s not quite right, I don’t think, so I’m moving on to something else … besides, a vision of Tom’s kotex-covered leg wound just zoomed through my head destroying any sense of direction that I may have had with wherever I was going above.

Monday, Labor Day, in case you forgot, Diane ushered me out of the house before 0700 to participate with other International Lion’s members to place American flags throughout the city of St. Helens in honor of the day.

After planting the flags along the street we ate breakfast at the Sunshine Pizza joint. I had two runny eggs, a piece of ham, and hash browns. Not being one to keep things separated on my plate, I immediately chopped everything into pieces and mixed it up on my plate. This distressed some of the more fussy people in my vicinity. I didn’t mind that they were distressed.

After breakfast I retired to the golf course where Doug and I had one of the worst rounds we’ve had in years. But, we laughed the entire time. That’s more important than playing really, really well. It would be nice to have a decent round but, at this point in time, I’m just happy when I hit the ball and it goes kinda where I aimed it. Monday, that was my first hit off the #1 tee … it was the best drive I’ve ever had. It was so good that I almost wet my pants. Almost. It all went downhill from there, but it was OK.

Later in the day I returned to help extract the flags so they could be returned to storage. Keith and I walked the entire route, covering almost 2 miles. I know that’s true because Keith drove his car on the route and determined it was 1.8 miles, a fact he shared in an email to me. I rounded up to 2 because it was pretty close, and it looks better on my walking chart.

I don’t actually have a walking chart so I lied. If I had one, 2 would certainly look better than 1.8, don’t you think? Maybe I should start a walking chart. It would be east to just make stuff up about how far I walk every day. Yea, that would be pretty simple. If I decide to do

Today … hmmm … short term memory issues, here. Oh ya, I had to be at the church by 0900 to meet an estimator from a local furnace installer so he could see what he has to deal with in order to replace the current furnace that was installed somewhere around the turn of the century. It’s old. Actually, there are two of them that we want them to replace with one. A cheap one. Figure the odds of that.

While waiting for the estimator, I gave Floyd a hand with with the moss issue in the drain thingie around the church. Floyd is always working around the church, it seems, and it really bugs me because it makes me feel guilty about not helping more. As he indirectly told me, “that’s my problem, not his.” So true. Because of that, I vow to devote more of my time to aid in the upkeep of the church … if I remember … or if Diane reminds me … or if Floyd calls me. Any of those would work, but it would be best if I could just remember.

During the day I put another coat of sheetrock mud on the repair job in the closet in Lydia’s room. It’s Lydia’s room because that’s where she always sleeps when she spends the night. Diane’s really anxious for me to get it back together so she can hang up the 1/3 of her clothes that are currently stacked on Lydia’s bed. She can’t remember what’s there but it’s probably a very good bet that what ever’s on the bottom of the pile is really wrinkled now. I’d put it together tomorrow, if we were going to be home, but we’re not. We’re going to the beach to take a gander at all the lovely vehicles in the “Rod Run to End of the World” in Ocean Park, Washington. It’s quite a gala event that ends on Sunday with a 20-mile-long string of custom cars cruising down the road. It’s not to be missed if you’re ever in the area. It will be especially fun for us because we have two friends bringing their custom, and classic vehicles. The event is only for 1982 and older vehicles, but Jerry 1’s 2012 Camaro isn’t eligible, but he’ll be there just for fun on Saturday. The other friend is a contender with his 1965 VW Bus. Fun stuff. More on that next week.

I forgot something … what’s new there? … I reinstalled the ceiling in the RV and made Diane very happy. It took me two days for the glue to dry before I could pick it up. I’ll have to take a picture of it just for fun.

Time to stop.

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