Labor Day

So, it’s another Labor Day Weekend – that’s LDW, not to be confused with LDS which isn’t a day of the week, at all, but related to a specific day of the week.

As I tippity type, we’re roaring down Highway 30 toward Portland, then on to I-84 with a semi-ultimate destination of Hood River where we will meet up with Bill & Carolyn who will guide us across the Mighty Columbia River (MCR), through White Salmon, Washington to Terry & Lisa’s farm in the woods near the foot of Mr. Adams. We’re going there for their annual picnic to feed the bees. A gala event.

We stopped to pick up Jean, Diane’s Mom, Carolyn’s sister, so, like normal, I’m in the back seat surrounded by all the toys that I could fit into my computer and camera bag. I’m good back here. The women, as older women tend to do, talk non-stop so having them both up front facilitates that process of communication and allows me to do whatever I want. Here, all alone, in the back seat, as if I just don’t exist. Oh, once in a while one of them will toss me a token question to let me know they know I’m back here. All alone …

In order to participate in this gathering, I was forced, at the point of a potato peeler, to make my World Famous Potato Salad (WFPS) as an offering to the picnic god, and whatever bees choose to participate.

Right now we’re passing through the Lintton industrial area, site of a long ago world’s fair, now home to hundreds of fuel tanks, warehouses, about 1700 miles of railroad tracks, thousands of containers, and a McDonalds. Oh!, and a Starbucks.

Yesterday, to kick off the weekend, Diane made me work in the yard all day. Most of the time was used to clean a few year’s worth of gangly weeds from the area next to the garage. One weed was world class, about 7 feet tall. Now they are all gone to the burn pile. It’s good to have that cleaned off because it’s the source of dirt I need to level out the area over our septic tank where the fire pit is going to be located. Regarding that, I’m toying with the idea of using natural gas instead of wood for the fire pit since, like, the source is right there, you know? But, I probably won’t because I don’t want the septic tank to explode. Something to ponder …

Another task yesterday was to load all the plaster, that I removed from the closet while fixing Diane’s bath tub drain, into my old truck and take it to the dump. Cost me $20. During that evolution I determined that the truck’s engine is only running on about 6 cylinders so 2 of them are just pushing gas out the exhaust pipe. Guess I’ll have to fix that one of these days. I’d do it soon, but I just spent a long time changing plugs, and other stuff, so do’t want to rush into it.

Now I’m going to quit because we’re on I-84, heading east, and I need to hang on.

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