Wow … how quickly they sprout

That’s Jeran, Lydia, and Cedric, the product of Jennifer & Daniel’s begetting, when they were cute.

Here’s the most recent photo I can find of them together, and it includes all their local Cate cousins, as well as Diane, me, and Grandma Jean, and a few others …

Left to Right: Jerrie Anne Diane, Heather, Grandma Jean, Me, Diane, Baylee, Jeff, DanYell, Daniel (back row), Cedric, Jeran, Jennifer, Logan, Shene, Juliette, Gilligan, and Lydia. The only one missing is Tiana.

Our family has grown, Jennie and Dan’s kids are bigger than Jennie, Cedric is starting high school next week … it’s just all getting out of hand. Things need to slow down.

The next thing you know the older kids will be graduating from college and the little ones will almost be in high school. Unbelievable! I know, it’s not unique to us … it’s happening to everyone

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