Small World

Yesterday, after Vern’s funeral, we attended a wedding for one of our church members, Bonnie. She married Mike. Both of them are involved with a massive classic car club here in the Northwest, so it looked like a cruise in at our little country church. Out front was Bonnie’s 1955 T-Bird. Very nice. Out in the back parking lot was a nice looking Winnebago of the 70’s vintage. Very nice, also. We thought it was curious, but left it at that.

Since we arrived fashionably late, as we are prone to do, and had to sit toward the front of the church. It was almost full and, being a Lutheran church, everyone filled the place from the back to the front. Had we been there a bit earlier, we could have sat in our assigned seats that we use on Sunday.

As we sat there, watching the crowd grow to six per pew, in walks Terry and Carolann, which explained the Winnebago … they are friends of ours from the Classic Winnebago Club, the group we pal around with at various events around the NW. They live somewhere around Gresham which is about a zillion miles from us. We were totally surprised, to say the least. I was speechless, something I’m rarely not. Turns out they are part of the massive NW classic car club, too, and know Bonnie and Mike. How interesting it was to discover this connection.

Making it even more interesting is that Bonnie is the ex-sister-in-law of another of our church members, Nancy. The story is that Nancy dumped the husband, but kept her sister. They’ve been friends for years. Go figure.

Now, a little about the weather …

Oregon has been really nice the past few weeks. Compared to everything east of the Blue Mountains, we’re living a dream. It was very pleasant … mostly because I was allowed to stay indoors all day. Actually, I wasn’t “allowed” to stay indoors, I was commanded to remain indoors. There was a fear, I guess, that I may crumble to the ground because of the heavy sunlight striking the earth, and there wasn’t anyone around to drag me back to the house should that happen. So, I stayed inside although it was my main desire to attack our weed beds with the weedwhacker. Since that was nixed, I ate ice cream and three red vines.

To pass the time, I disconnected Diane’s old DirecTV DVR, and hooked up the new one. It works just fine, and Ross, the guy in Alabama with whom I was talking as we set it up, suggested that I accept a 90 day offer for all the movie channels. Because Alabama is having such terrible weather I was compelled to acquiesce and accept. Now we have 23 movies channels from which we can record moviesd willy-nilly until there’s no more room for anything else we watch. To kick things off, we watched “A Big Year” with Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson.

We got almost to the end when a message popped up indicating there was an update available for the new DVR. Someone selected “install now” causing the DVR to reset thereby ending our viewing pleasure. We watched the little blue line at the bottom of the screen, that shows the progress, for about 10 minutes before we realized that, Hey!, we have a TV in the Man Room. So, we retired to the comfy couch in there and finished the movie. Who’d thought a movie about bird watching would be interesting? But, it was.

Now it’s getting late and I have to get up early to meet Doug for golf at 0830. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out so I shouldn’t have any trouble at all maintaining my 36 handicap. I’m at the point in my golf game where one straight shot makes my day. If I get two, I do the Happy Dance. I rarely dance.

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