This is a short tribute to Vern, who departed this plane of existance last Friday, apparently shortly after we got home from our week at the beach. He and Marilynn have been our neighbors since we moved here. We noticed the increased traffic at their house, and suspected something was up, but didn’t know what happened for sure until Marilynn stopped on her way home and told us. I didn’t go next door to ask “what’s up” because I was truly hoping they were having a family reunion. Turns out they were … for a more and more common reason than just for fun.

I can’t say I knew him very well, just enough to say hello in passing, and to visit across the fence when we were mowing our yards. I did visit him a few times, but just to check and see how he was doing because I’d heard that something was amiss, or to give him some plums from our tree when they were ripe. I don’t think that qualifies me for the good neighbor award, but we’re relative new comers to the area and didn’t know the protocol.

I liked Vern. He was a good guy. But I don’t know anything about him other than he was quite a bit older than me. I always thought I’d get to know more about him, but too many things got in the way that prevented me from giving him just a little time out of my day once in a while. It makes me sad to know that I’m “one of those guys” who who didn’t take time to gain a new friend. It would have been so simple.

Vern’s funeral is tomorrow morning. In the afternoon we’re going to a wedding. It’s kind of a compressed version of my June trip to Connecticut for Lyle and Heather.

Now I’m going to be sitting around here wondering what the third event will be … wish me luck.

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