Independence Day Deferred

This year St. Helens isn’t having fireworks on the 4th of July. Oh, it’s happened in the past, but rarely. Usually it’s a funding issue, lack of donations. This year, however, the City Fathers decided to defer fireworks until July 14th, to celebrate the Maritime-Heritage Festival that’s coming to town. Yes, it’s a big event, and it will bring a lot of revenue to the city, but I find it a little disconcerting that they didn’t consider the 4th important enough to expend at least a few token explosions.

Having said that, I must share a thought that Diane implanted in my brain, about all the veterans with PTSD, and how traumatizing the noisy festivities must be for them. Hopefully they will all make it safely, sanely through the explosions going off all over the place. It can’t be fun for them.

I wish you all well, and hope that you, and everyone you know, understands today is about freedom. Somehow that seems to get lost in all the noise and flashy fireworks.

So, perhaps not having a city sponsored event isn’t all that bad, especially since everyone else in town is taking care of that quite nicely.

Still … you know what I mean, right?

Bless you all.

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