Doors, Dogs, Glue, and Softball

OK – I skipped a day. Yesterday just wasn’t a good day to write anything. I don’t even remember doing anything yesterday. Oh ya! I went to the Kozy Korner and had coffee with the guys from church. We talked about everything – even politics and religion. I believe we may have solved a world crises or two. Maybe three. I don’t remember which ones, but they were really important at the time.

Oh! Jeff and his friend Tim, I think, came up yesterday and removed the old lawn mower that’s been “yard art” for the last 1.5 years. It quit one day and I just left it where it died. Tim thinks he can fix it, and Diane’s glad it’s gone. A real win-win.

It’s coming back now … yesterday afternoon I built a grid thing for the driver’s area ceiling in the RV. This is what it looks like …

This is what it looked like after I put the “skin” on it and clamped it down until the glue dried (I didn’t have any half inch nails or I would have used those) …

I don’t have enough clamps, and the ones I had were already in use, so I just tossed on all the heavy, and semi-heavy things I could find in the garage. Seemed to work OK until I started drinking the Pepsi. The clamps were busy holding the other grid, for the slanted part of the ceiling …

Today I removed the RV door so I could remove the rotted interior wood, and kinda straighten up the frame a little. I got all new screws to this evolution. I got stainless steel ones because the old ones got all rusty. Very unsightly. I spent hours, literally, taking it apart, making the new inner door skin fit, cleaning up all the metal, and putting it all back together. When it got to be 9 pm I decided I’d had enough and just closed the garage door and called it good. Diane made me go back out and put the screen door in the RV door so animals couldn’t get in and do something bad. I put the step ladder in front of it so it wouldn’t fall out. Made her happy.

Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of progress on the door, but will take one tomorrow when I install it. Honest. Instead, here’s a pictue of Panzee to make up for that omission …

Breezie snuck into that one. Sorry.

My fingers are all black because I used Liquid Nails to put all the wood stuff together. I have gloves, but didn’t want to get them dirty. Probably a bad choice. I think if I stand in the shower long enough, with really hot water, it will just fall off. I’ll let you know how that works out, if I remember.

News from Connecticut – Lyle is still home. The hospital scheduled his next test for June 21st which really wasn’t a good idea because it made both him and Ruth mad that they moved it out so far. But, his doctor took over and got it moved to next week which makes much more sense to everyone … except the hospital staff, I suspect. The first obstacle was the insurance company becaue they had to get a pre-auth for the test. Glad they’re doing it sooner. More news when available.

Tomorrow the door goes back on the RV, then we take Lydia to Clantskanie to play ball and eat hotdogs. Playing ball is a definite, but I’m guessing at the hotdogs. Maybe we’ll go to Fultanos and eat pizza instead. I think I’m hungry, but it’s 10:30 pm. Maybe a banana …

Speaking of ball, it’s been reported that Maryssa’s team lost a heart breaker 4-3 for the state 4A championship. To get there, they had to beat another really good team and Maryssa did it in the bottom of the 7th inning when she hit a double allowing the runner on first to score. Steffani said Maryssa’s batting average is around .450 or so. She had it over .500 for a while, meeting a personal goal she set. We’re looking forward to their visit in June where we’ll have a chance to watch her play a few games. Yea!

OK … that’s all folks.

Oh, wait! I forgot to mention that my epiglotimus, that little thing that hangs down in the back of my throat, is apparently swollen and is hanging down further than normal. It’s dangling on my tongue. Cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “Doors, Dogs, Glue, and Softball

  1. Actually they lost the District Championship game so are going to State as the 2nd seed out of our district next weekend. State is in Twin Falls on Friday and Saturday. Her brothers are home to help cheer her on too!

    • Thanks, Steffani. I was guessing. So, this means they still have a shot at state, right? Glad Daniel and Tyler will be around for the game(s).

  2. Yes it does! They were consolation champions last year at state. It would be nice to win it all this year.

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