Softball & Whimzie

Greetings Earthlings – Today was hot after it got going. However, when I was meowed awak at 0528 it was a little chilly. So, I released the source of the noise, let the dogs run, then crashed on the couch. But, I made coffee before doing that – I think. I know I made the coffee. Maybe it was after my nap.

We had to pick Lydia up at noon and transport her to Clatskanie for her game, so work on Whimzie (the Winnebago) was curtailed at 1130. During that time I was able to remantle the door, and get it installed. Remantle, by the way is the opposite of dismantle. Just makes sense. It was tricky getting it back together because the receptacles for hinge screws on the door are threaded inserts. I was able to remove all but two of them (there are 12) so had to cut them off and, ultimately, remove the insterts. Doing this required that I find two nuts with the proper thread to replace them. I was amazed that I actually did that after digging around in a shoe box full of various sizes of screws, bolts, and things. As I said, “after” I dug around in the box I looked up and spied a little drawer containing just what I needed. I really don’t know why I keep that shoe box full of “stuff”. I think it has something to do with mental illness.

Anyway, we got a little bit done, then Diane made me take a shower and we went to get Lydia. After doing that we stopped by Burgerville, which is virtually across the street from Dan’s & Jennie’s house (they own Lydia), and got lunch. I had a Tillamook Cheeseburger basket with a large chocolate milkshake. Diane had the same with a Sprite. Lydia got the Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger basket.

For Lydia, the lunch choice turned out to be a mistake because she got a headache and kinda sick to her stomach. Complicating that was the fact that she forgot her cleats at home. Luckily, Jennie got off work early and was home so she showed up before the game started. There were some nerves going on so during the first game of their double header she only pitched a couple of innings because she was having a hard time. She went to 3rd base and did great for the rest of the game, but they lost that one 10-4, or something like that.

To start the second game, she remained at 3rd and continued to play really well while a couple of other girls pitched. Then she went back to pitching during the last inning and helped with the 12-7 win. It was fun. She got to slide in to home and everything. Here’s what it looked like from my point of view …

Scooped a hit and tossed out the runner at first.

Sliding in at home – safe … though she didn’t get any hits today, she walked a number of times and got to do this slide a few times. Took out the pitcher on this one …

Took out the catcher on this one …

Back in at pitcher, scopped up a hit and tossed the last out

One pitch I wished I had captured was of the catcher in the 2nd game. The batter hit a high pop up just behind the plate. Our catcher jumped up, flipped off her mask, and tripped, landing flat on her back behind home plate. The ball landed about an inch from her head. It was one of those mesmerizing moments when all you can think about is what’s happening, then it’s over. She was very lucky but it didn’t seem to phase her in the least.

After the games Diane and I headed home with a stop at Lowe’s. The intent was to get some Red Max floor wax which really puts a dazzeling finish on RVs. Alas, Lowe’s no longer sells it so we’ll have to find another source, or just drive a dull rig to Moses Lake.

Tomorrow we need to tape off and paint the stripes on the front. We’re both curious to see how that goes.

After the game

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