Go Ducks!

Today was Friday. I say that, knowing full well that each and every one of you already know that. Being Friday, however, means that the PAC-12 NCAA Football Championship game is on tonight between the Oregon Ducks and the UCLA Bruins. Oh, wait! That game is over! The Ducks won 49-31! What a surprise. I was allowed to watch the entire game. Had it not been for the loss to USC, perhaps the Ducks could have repeated for a national title bid against LSU. Instead, they’ll just have to settle for the Rose Bowl. What a bummer, right? Wonder who they will play.

Shortly after the game started, I borrowed Diane’s car for a run out to our church to resurrected the printer/copier. That only took about 30 minutes, so didn’t miss much.

I’m having trouble thinking of things I did today worth talking about, so I’m just going to tell some more lies. What’s new there? Eh?

Today was beautiful. That’s not a lie. It was sunny, clear, which seems a bit odd for December. Granted, it was a little chilly, but we can live with that by just staying indoors and peeking out the window at the blue sky. Actually, we can do that from our recliners, which we often do – between TV shows.

Speaking of TV shows, we’ve been thinking about getting another DVR so we can record all our favorite shows. Right now we can only record two shows at a time and there are three shows shows we absolutely have to see on some nights. “When,” you might ask, “do you have time to watch all of those shows?” With new developments in quantum mechanics, and nano technology, it’s simply a matter of having one of the new TVs that speed things up a little. Currently, they can only do this while using a DVR but there are rumblings about models soon to appear that can speed things up in real time.

The downside, of course, is that when the TV speeds things up watchers tend to lose track of what’s going on, and the actors voices tend to be on the shrill side, taking away from the drama in most shows. It’s kind of hard to believe the reality of a good love scene when both actors are talking like Alvin the chipmunk. But, it makes you laugh, and that’s important, too.

So, I recommend that everyone just take a course in “speed listening” techniques, like we’re going to do, so you can overcome the deficiencies of the sped up TVs. At $18,000 a pop, it’s just not worth it. In a few years the price will drop to around $8,000 and the technology should be better allowing most normal people to keep up with the action. If you invest in speed listening, as suggested, you’ll be way ahead of the curve and will be able to watch your TV shows on your navigation system while stuck in traffic jams. They can be streamed directly from your DVR to your navigation system via your iPhone. No other phone will work for this feature at this time. Maybe in 2015.

Now I’m sufficiently tired to go to bed and drop right off to sleep.

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