Twilight Saga Review & The Great Raccoon Battle

Today we went to see “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1”. They may have listed the title differently, but that one makes sense to me. For the rest of this, I’m just reporting things as I see them.

For those of you not familiar with the Twilight series, it began as a series of about 14 books about benevolent-type vampires and a group of equally benevolent werewolves. I have to admit that I’ve read all 9 of the books and actually enjoyed them. They are the kind of books that you have to keep reading to see if anything exciting happens then someone turns them in to chick-flicks, which I also enjoy. It’s OK for guys to cry once in a while, as long as it’s dark.

The main character in the books is Bella and her shiny vampire boyfriend, Edward, who is, like, 112 years old. But he looks about 30, playing the role of an 18-year-old. Bella was a more convincing 18, by far.

The Cullens Clan (of vampires) lives in Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a for real place. It’s interesting that they filmed many of the scenes right here in St. Helens. Go figure. There’s even a tour of downtown showing all the places here in town they used. Those who live here are able to easily pick out the locations. Even me.

Anyway, the story is mostly a love story about Bella, Edward, and Jacob (one of the werewolves). It’s an odd triangle love affair centered around Bella, of course. I actually liked Jacob better than Edward so figured Bella made a colossal mistake by focusing on Edward. The only way she could connect with Edward was by having him bite her, making her immortal, and forever a bloodsucker, as Jacob would say. Most of the scenes are of Bella and Edward kissing and it looks, to me, like he’s trying to gnaw Bella’s lips off. She comes up a little puffy some times, but he still tries.

Everyone knows that vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. If they don’t, they should. If they watch any of the 6 movies in the Twilight series they will understand. Or, maybe they won’t. That doesn’t really matter. Just understand that they hate each other but Bella keeps them from killing each other. Interesting. She’s a mortal, for crimeiny sakes.

After lots of drama, and some interesting encounters with the Voltari (I think that’s right), the head of all the vampires, who are stationed in Italy, not Transylvania, like most of us would have guessed. At least I would have. Actually, I did, and couldn’t understand how the author could have played me like that. I felt betrayed in an odd way, because it turned out to be OK that they worked out of Rome. After all, that’s where Vatican City is and you can’t get any more opposite than that – vampires and catholics.

This most recent movie is about Bella and Edward’s wedding, the ensuing honeymoon, lots of lip gnawing, a two-month full term pregnancy, and the death of Bella. She really looked terrible in the end, until the transformation. When she opened her eyes, the movie ended, just like Avatar, on in Avatar it was a guy. A really BIG guy. But, I bet either Edward or Jacob could whip him. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Part 2, but it won’t be coming out until 2014, or something like that.

Overall, the 3 or 4 movies have remained faithful to the 5 books.

In the middle of all that I had to take the dogs out because Diane said Ziva was groaning. Turns out she was groaning because she wanted to get acquainted with a cute little raccoon not much bigger than Ozzie. Ziva and Panzee cornered the raccoon under one of the grape vines and I was able to intercept them all before they disappeared into the property above us. There was much growling and gnashing of teeth, but the little raccoon was a feisty little fellow and the dogs decided the better part of valor was to listen to me and quit the assault. The upside of that encounter was that I got to run the 100 yard dash in my boots to do the intercept so I got all the exercise I need for the next 6 days.

Now I can just lay around and eat nuts.

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