Good News!

It wasn’t GOUT!

It was MSWTT & ISHTTOS! What a relief!

By the way … the picture in my last entry was not of my foot. I don’t know who’s it was, but I’m forever happy it isn’t mine.

For those of you who don’t read newspapers, or watch news on TV, let me fill you in on what’s happening …

It’s reported that Herman has been having an ongoing affair for the last 30-40 years. This, unfortunately, has put a large dent in Herman’s popularity factor which, of course, means less money for him. And, we all know that whoever gets the most donations is going to be the next president.  Personally, I kinda like Jimmy McMillan who’s running for the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party”. What’s not to like about that? Then there’s Tom Miller, a career flight attendant. I don’t know what airline he’s working for, but perhaps you’ve met him in your travels. Maybe he works, or worked, for American Airlines and new about the their pending bankruptcy. Hmmmm. Maybe he’s the one.

Then, there’s sports, of course. Aren’t you all happy that the NBA and Player’s Union has finally agreed that everyone is getting paid far too much? They should, as it was with Michael Jordan, be paid on ability, not potential.

Now, for those of you just dying to know what’s going on in Scappoose, Oregon, check here: Exciting stuff.

If you’ve been looking for an old classmate, or loved one, maybe they’re here: You just never know where people will turn up now days.

Ihope all is well with everyone out there. Send money if the mood strikes.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what MSWTT & ISHTTOS means … it means that “my shoes were too tight & I should have taken them off sooner”. I think we’ve all had that once or twice.

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