I’m Right!

I’m here to share with everyone that Diane has finally  come to her senses and admitted that I’m right. Right at this moment in time, I’m not sure what she was referring to, but that’s not relevant. She said, right out loud, in front of her Mother, who may or may not corroborate this incident, “you’re right, Jerrie.” She may not have said it directly to me, but I think she was leaning my direction. Either way, I’m apparently right about something.

That’s a rare event in this house … that I’m right, or admissions that I’m right.

I know … that sounds a little contradictory, but I suspect everyone knows what I’m talking about here. Even when I’m right, which is actually quite often, I’m deemed to be wrong. The topic doesn’t matter, even though I’m pretty much an expert of many things about which I know nothing.

Go ahead. Ask me anything.

While I’m waiting I’ll tell you about today, Mother’s Day 2013.

First thing this morning both Jeff and Jennifer communicated with Diane to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. That was a great way to start the day for Diane. Cheered her a lot and she made the morning coffee for me. That’s the last thing she did today.

Except drive us to church. And count all the church’s money. And drive us home. I did everything else, even though she’s not really my Mom.

Once we got home I cooked the lasagna, made the salad, baked the bread, and set the table. Really. I did all that. It was Stoufer’s frozen lasagna, semi-baked french bread that only needed browning,  That salad was all me, lettuce, tomatoes and everything. I even cut up 2 lbs of strawberries last night and mixed in a whole bunch of sugar for the strawberry short-cake we ate for dessert.

Jennifer, Cedric, Lydia, and Jeran appeared about the time we were sitting down for dinner, so the kids headed for the Man Room to watch TV, and we sent Jennifer to bed with some random meds to help with her migraine. After we ate, all the kids chose to have root beer floats instead of short-cake. That was a good choice, too.

About the frozen part … Diane chose all of that and it was my choice to cook everything.

Now we’re sitting here watching TV while the girls, Diane and Jean, munch on apples.

It’s been a really good day. How was yours?