I called Doug a few days ago and we talked for a while. Since the weather is going to be so nice for a while we decided to take our tired old bodies to the golf course for a little activity. Neither of us had touched a club in nearly 2 years so we felt it was time.

The first thing I had to do was dig out my bag of clubs and find my shoes. Last time I saw them they were in the garage. I actually looked directly at the bag but, some unknown reason, I got the one stored in our little shed. Yes, I have two bags of golf clubs and both are black. The one in the shed was the easiest one to extract so it’s the one I took. It’s been so long since I’ve golfed that I actually forgot the reason the one I got was in the shed. It’s the one I used to store all the extra clubs I’ve accumulated over the years and don’t use any more for one reason or another. Consequently, there are a lot of clubs in that bag.

I didn’t realize this problem until I was strapping the bag onto our cart at the golf course. While doing that I looked for a my driver, a Ping that belongs to Cedric, and a few other favorite clubs like the putter I like, and my 56 degree pitching wedge … stuff like that. They weren’t there. Instead the bag had an oddball assortment of 22 clubs, none of which I could use very well. But, I certainly had a lot of choices.

As you might have suspected, I didn’t do very well, but that’s not a surprise. I never do very well, and that’s OK. I have low expectations when golfing with Doug. He’s pretty good and I gave up trying to beat him many years ago. We just have a good time enjoying an occasional good shot, or putt, and move on down the road.

That was yesterday, and it was a good day.

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