The Cruise – Day 20

Day 20 – April 28, 2023 – Vancouver B.C.

Inport 0700 to 1700.

This is packing day for us because we’ll be in Seattle early and we have a shuttle bus date at 0845. We put the bags outside our cabin before midnight. Stewards will pick them up and deliver them to the pier in Seattle. Makes getting off the ship a little easier.

Many new passengers embarked for the one day ride to Seattle. They turned our nice quiet ship into a booze cruise. Also, the ‘new’ folks did their best to make anyone using the Lido Marketplace miserable.  It wasn’t fun.

So, we just hung out on our balcony when we weren’t eating something.

The sunset was nice.

We’re ready for departure.

It’s been a hoot. Now all we have to do is navigate SeaTac airport to find our departure gate. So far, in our experience, wherever it is, it will be the furthest gate away from where we enter the airport. It always happens. Still, we endure.

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