The Cruise – Day 18

Day 18 – April 26, 2023 – At sea

Got up later than 0800 and took the treacherous trip to Lido with our platter to get food for Diane. We both felt it was best that she stays away from folks. There are 29 people on board with COVID symptoms, so Diane’s been wearing a mask, as have most other folks, when not in the cabin. So far, I haven’t worn a mask because I’m a daredevil. But I avoid people, too, and that’s one reason we’ve chosen to eat at “home”, so to speak.

At 1000 we went to the Main Stage to watch a presentation about how this ship works from the people who run it. Very informative. Most interesting, to me, was that the 4 huge diesel engines – two 12 cylinder, and two 8 cylinder – only run generators. The electrical power they create runs everything else, including the propulsion system. Yes, the propellers are connected to 3 very large electric motors that can rotate 360 degrees to direct the ship making a rudder unnecessary. Pretty cool. The captain takes control of those motors when entering a port and uses them to gently approach the assigned pier and place the ship within inches of the designated spot designated. The captain said docking without tugs is done in all types of weather up to 40 knots. Above 40 tugs are used.

Had a hotdog from the Dive In Grill. It was really good.

A great many of the original passengers debarked in San Diego and were replaced by a much younger crowd that includes many children. We know this is true because we’ve seen them throughout the ship, running up and down passgeways, and through the food line at he Lido Marketplace. None of their parents seem to think this is a bad idea.

Here’s something fun. There are four outboard elevators that have an ocean view. What fun.

Tomorrow we will be in Victoria BC for the day.

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