The Cruise – Day 11

Day 11 – April 19, 2023 – Huatulco, Mexico

Arrived at 1100, attended the mass gathering of people going on tours, got number Orange 10, then left the ship to march about ½ a mile to the bus. The bus wasn’t there when we arrived, so we waited in the 90+ degree heat till he showed up. It wasn’t long, but it seemed like a long time.

The bus took us on a tour of Huatulco. The first stop was on a hill overlooking the Eurodam and a pristine beach. Got off, took some photos, got back on. They never turn the buses off, so the A/C is always on. That’s good. Diane stayed aboard for this stop.

Next stop was an overlook of the city. Diane stayed aboard again.

Then we went downtown. The destination after the bus parked was about a mile away. In addition to the walking, the heat sapped everyone’s strength, so we went really slow.

We visited a museum where we learned how the indigenous people created colors for their incredible textiles The blankets and rugs were beautiful. The only thing we bought was a very colorful cat magnet.

Next stop was a church, but we skipped that and went directly to the restaurant that was next on the list. They had bathrooms.

Everyone else showed up a short time later and we were all served a snack consisting of a small helping of beans for dipping the two tiny Tostitos they served everyone. They were tiny, but they hit the spot and kept us going.

Interesting art in the restaurant. Kinda looks like a nod to COVID and masks, right?

We left the restaurant, Mescal Mas, before everyone else to visit the church. It was close by. It’s incredibly beautiful. The entire interior is covered with artwork. I have photos.

Our next stop was to catch the bus. We made it but lost our way for a minute and wound up being the last people to board our bus. That was fun.

Back at the drop off, we walked toward the ship, passed the first check point to show our ship’s card, then Diane said we need to catch the little taxi that runs up and down the pier and only takes tips. No set fares. I’m sure he makes a pretty good living because by the time people get to him, they’ll pay anything to get back on the ship where the A/C is blissful. For the last 100 yards of that trip Diane paid him $5. She wanted to give him $10 but I thought that was a bit much. The driver was happy with $5.

Made it back with time to spare. Everyone was supposed to be aboard by 1630 so we could depart by 1700 with all the paying passengers. It’s currently 1640 and there are still people trolling down the pier.

Tonight, we’re going to the theater to watch “A Man Called Otto”. I watched it on the plane to Fort Lauderdale and really liked it. It will be fun to watch again with Diane because I know she will love it.

On the way to the movie, we stopped at the EFFY Jewelry store and got Diane an emerald ring she’s been wishing for. It’s for our 55th anniversary, and she earned it.

I was right. She loved it. The movie, I mean, and she kind of likes the ring a bit, too.

Back in our cabin we settled down to relax and watch the Mexican coast sail by on our way to Puerto Vallarta.

6 thoughts on “The Cruise – Day 11

  1. Hi. So glad to see you two enjoying your life. What a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. Y’all look great. I love the ring, Diane!

      • Would love to visit sometime. Y’all can tell about your travels. I don’t usually read from messenger, but if you can put your email or phone number, I will call you.
        When you return from your trip.

      • We’re home and you are welcome any time. We’re home, but tend to wander around a lot so calling (503-369-3346), or emailing ( would be a good idea. A lot of our current efforts are directed toward getting Diane’s ‘new’ house ready for our occupancy. Her Mom passed away a recently so the house is Diane’s now. We work there all day, then spend our nights at the old house. It would be good to catch up.

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