The Cruise – Day 6

Day 6 – April 14, 2023 – Friday – At sea

Today was spent just sailing around the coast of Panama, then turning WNW toward Costa Rica, our next stop.

Since we’re far from land, except for small islands in the distance off our starboard side. We have no information about names, or if they even have names.

After Lunch on the Lido Deck, we attended a briefing at what they call Mainstage. It’s an auditorium that will easily seat 1000 people, maybe more, where all the entertainment takes place. The briefing was about our next two port calls; Costa Rica, and El Salvador.

We have off ship activities in both countries that Diane arranged when she booked the cruise.

We will arrive in Costa Rica tomorrow morning at 1100. We have an excursion that starts at 1030 so the arrival time will make that difficult.

We’re wondering … OK, I’m wondering … if they might send a helicopter out for those of us attending the 1030 event. Probably not.

At 1500 we went to the theater to see “Panama”, a 2022 Mel Gibson movie. I got 2 bags of popcorn on the way in and ate them while waiting for the movie to start. Once it started, it was immediately evident that we wouldn’t be staying because the language was bad, and the voices weren’t in sync with the actors’ lips. Kind of weird

So, we went shopping on the 3rd deck and bought two water bottles to keep us hydrated when we leave the ship tomorrow. And many times thereafter, wherever we go.

If it was a little cooler outside, we’d be in our deck chairs, but the humidity is still stifling, and the sky is muggy looking. So, we’re just hanging out in our cabin until it’s time to decide about where to eat. We both agree that we like the Lido Marketplace better than the formal dining room. At the Lido, you can look at the food and decide whereas the dining room requires one to choose from a menu. I have a hard time with menus for some reason.

Went to the Dive In for hamburgers and fries. Way better than Burgerville.

Considered waiting for a couple of hours to see the stand-up comic, again. Went to the crow’s nest and played dominos instead. I tried to lose but won a couple anyway. I’m pretty sure the set we were using was a mixture of two sets because we had 38 pieces in a 28 piece box. Still fun.

Then Diane pulled down one of the puzzles to fiddle with. Very complicated. We got all the pieces turned over, found all the edge pieces, put a lot of the edge together, then retired to our room to roost for the remainder of the night.

Our arrival time for tomorrow is 1130, an hour later than originally planned.

Here’s a fun photo of the passageway that goes past our cabin. It’s pretty long.

Our room …

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