The Cruise – Day 2

Day 2 – April 10, 2023 – Monday

Our cabin boys knocked on the door about 0830 and told us we had to vacate the place so they could clean up our mess. It really wasn’t much of a mess because we only took up residence yesterday. We were just about ready to leave to search for a couple cups of coffee so their timing was impeccable. Actually, they didn’t make us leave. They’re really nice fellows.

We chose the main dining room for breakfast where we were paired with a couple from Wenatchee, Washington. It’s a pretty fancy place and those who seat people always ask those who are being seated if they would like to sit with strangers. We said “yes”, both times. So far.

We had a nice visit while eating. I had a breakfast bowl with two poached eggs over potatoes and vegetables. Diane had oatmeal and Greek Yogurt. She eats a lot of yogurt. So much, in fact, that I’m sure she’s picking up an accent. I was totally OK with Tillamook yogurt for a long time until they got a conscious and dropped their sugar content to an undesirable level. Raspberry was my favorite. I can still eat it if I add sugar, but Diane frowns on that.

After eating, we went to a presentation in the main theater of upcoming ports of call. it was hosted by the Cruise Director, Stephanie. I think it was Stephanie. Yup. I checked. It was Stephanie.

After listening to Stephanie extol the wonders to come, we wandered off and were drawn in by an art history presentation that proved to be extremely interesting. The paintings on the ship are amazing. Actually, all the artwork is amazing. It’s everywhere.

We wandered back to the Lido Deck for sandwiches because it was time to eat something. It’s always time to eat something on a cruise ship.

On the way I stopped at one of the public restrooms and learned that they don’t have paper towels. Interesting. No, they roll real, little towels up instead. Nifty.

While seeking a table a nice lady pointed at the seats next to her and her husband. We took them and learned they were Peggy & Ken from a village between Corvallis and Albany. Again, very nice folks.

I ate my ham and cheese in addition to Diane’s mystery meat. Should have taken a photo. Neither of us could figure out what it was, but it was on an entire miniature baguette roll so I didn’t care. I love baguettes. Even the little ones.

Then, we spent the afternoon lounging on our balcony watching the coast of Cuba sail past us. It was miles way, but I knew it was Cuba because, oddly enough, Google Maps works at sea. What fun.

At 1700 it was time for dinner and we chose the formal dining room again. We sat with a couple from Canada, a lady from Mississippi, and a lady from California. We all shared our names, but I can’t remember any of them. I just know the guy from Canada was a truck driver and his wife is a nurse. As always, it was a fun group. The lady from Mississippi is a professional cruiser, it seems. She’s been everywhere.

We finished our transit along the northern coast of Cuba and turned right before we hit Haiti. Next stop is Cartagena, Colombia. It will take us another day at sea to get there. The ship is moving along at 19 knots. A nice clip.

A few miles off our starboard side is a Carnival cruise ship going the same direction. Being on our starboard side meant they were closer to Cuba than us. It was good to have a buffer should someone on Cuba take offense for getting too close. They left Fort Lauderdale just ahead of us so had plenty of opportunities to choose the east most position, but they didn’t.

Tonight, we get back one of the 3 hours we lost on the airplane ride from SEA to FLL.

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