Day 4 – Weston, Florida

Today we didn’t do anything that involved tourism except tag our bags for the ship.

I cooked the remaining eggs, and bacon, ate it all with two pieces or wheat toast. Diane had two pieces of toast. That pretty much cleaned out any plans for another breakfast but that’s OK. Tomorrow I’ll eat a banana then wait to eat after we board the Eurodam. After that I’ll no doubt eat way more than I should. Unless I restrain myself. Which I will.

After breakfast we took a road trip to one of the 26 Walmart*’s in the area to return a really nice water pik Diane got me. I really liked it but I managed to break it within the first 30 minutes of taking it out of the box. Yup. I’m that good. It still worked OK. There was just no way I was ever going to release the water tank from the motor unit for cleaning. So, we took it back to Walmart* and gave it back. I explained what I’d done and they totally understood. Then we picked out a different one that looked like it may be harder to destroy right away.

I think there were a few more odds and ends Diane wanted to ensure all the nooks and crannies in our luggage were fully engaged.

Back ‘home’ at the ranch we took laundry to the guest laundry room where I used my cell phone to access, and pay for, the use of the two washers that were available. Pretty tricky stuff. Each machine has a unique QR code that is controlled through a laundry app you can easily download from the App store.

Then I made supper. We had street tacos using the meat I cooked yesterday. They were really good. Diane ate 4 and I ate 7. They were really little. Honest. All that was missing was a little salsa but we used some Avocado Ranch dressing which is even better.

The only other thingi did today was relax. Once the laundry is done, Diane can relax, too.

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