Alisha and My Toes

I suspect that many of you have engaged the services of clipper yielding folks to get a pedicure. I’ve one that, too, at the insistence of my first wife. When she went to get her toes done every 6-8 weeks she would make an appointment for me, too, but that changed last Thursday when I met my new friend Alisha.

What’s special about Alisha is that she caters to old people. Now, I don’t personally know why, because I didn’t ask her, so I’ll have to peculate a little here.

Foremost in my mind is that she just likes to help people out by tending to their toes. That sounds most like Alisha.

Then there are those who wonder if carving off the crispy ends of their toes would help with sock longevity. My experience in that area is profound as I could not get my socks started without bending my toes down to prevent snagging them on my toenails.

I’ve lost a lot of nice socks that way and Diane was getting tired of replenishing my sock supply. Socks just aren’t as cheap as they once were.

I met Alisha at the St. Helens Senior Center at the appointed time. Inviting me in to the work space the center provided for her, she asked me to undress, from the ankles down. I did that.

Then she draped the towel I brought over her legs and went to work on my right foot. Regarding the towel – you must bring your own which makes perfect sense as the room she uses does not come equipped with a washer. All of her work is done on dry feet.

She has the quietest toenail grinder I’ve ever heard. It was battery powered and, truly, didn’t make a sound. It’s amazing and I want one of those.

While she worked, we talked about all kinds of stuff. Mostly, I talked. I believe she encouraged that because the fear in my eyes was no doubt easy to see and she didn’t want me running out the door, waving my hands in the air, screaming. That wouldn’t have been good at all. I alerted her to my previous pedicure experiences where I was injured. That’s a story for another day. I was diagnosed with PTTD which is just a bit different from PTSD but the symptoms are the same. I was so traumatized that I lost weight. Not a bad thing, really, but still disturbing because I kinda like to eat.

I just ran out of time for getting this done. Diane’s hungry so I must venture out and fetch something for us to eat.

To end this, I encourage you to give Alisha a call, or shoot her an email, if your feet are giving you trouble.

Alisha McCord, LPN


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