My Friend Junior

Junior and his brother, Doug, have been my golf partners for a lot of years. We golfed in every kind of weather you can imagine and it was always a beautiful day. Junior told me many times that golfing was what kept him going. So, we golfed as often as possible. Diane supported this need and deemed it a requirement for me to participate with her blessing. He was grateful for that.

Sadly, in the early morning hours of June 29th, 2021 Junior slipped away from us. His departure from this plane of existence ended the severe pain he suffered for many years but it left a hole in my heart.

I’ll miss his humor, his good nature, and his willingness to share a never ending supply of handy tips he learned from the Golf Channel. Doug and I plan to continue this golf tradition and dedicate every trip to a golf course to him.

You have the honors, JP, so tee up and knock it a mile.

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