Ziva the Dog – 2006-2021

Ziva was a terrific dog. We rescued her from a shelter in St. Helens. Almost her entire first year of life was spent in that facility and she was on a short list for transfer to another shelter that would dispose of her.

Prompting my introduction to Ziva was the loss of our little Poodle, Ziggy, at the age of 18. Not long after Ziggy’s departure, Diane had a lapse in good judgement and paid a visit to the shelter just to see the animals. Just looking. Then she came home and insisted that we go back so she could introduce me to this wonderful dog. She said the dog was looking away from the barrier, but tipped her head way back to look at her as she walked by. This got Diane’s attention. I’m sure the dog had been using this ploy for a long time but Diane was the first who fell for it, all the way.

When we got to the shelter Diane led me to the proper cage and I was immediately with her 100%. I went into the cage, sat on the floor, and the dog who became Ziva came to me a laid down in my lap. That did it for me. We did all the paper work and took her home. On the way she became Ziva on that trip. The name was a tip of our hats to the Ziva David character on NCIS, one of our favorite TV shows. One of the main requirements was that her name had to have a Z in it. All of our pets’ names have a Z in them. The first was Ziggy. It continued with Ziva, Panzee, Breezie, and Ozzie. We lost Panzee in 2018 but Breezie and Ozzie are still with us. Breezie is a cat with an unknown age and Ozzie is also 15 now, but he’s a poodle and will be with us a long time.

At her first vet visit we asked Dr. Middle what kind of dog she was because the people at the shelter didn’t know. He said she looked like a cross between a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a Blue Heeler. Whatever her heritage might have been, we loved all of it.

She had one last walk in the snow, something she enjoyed, though it might not look like it here.

…and she left her mark at home and in our hearts.

Peace to you all, and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Ziva the Dog – 2006-2021

  1. It is sad to loose a pet companion. I love my cat Reser. He is great company. We play a fish a lot.I got it from pet store. Long stick, with string from the end. Originally it had feathers at the end of string. . Boy did he like that. Now it is a child’s sock wrapped in a piece of fleece. VieSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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