Politics, Demonstrations, and/or Riots

I’ve tried very hard to stay away from political commentary because I’m more comfortable with frivolous ‘stuff’. Oddly, the political aspect of life, in my opinion, is becoming more frivolous each day to the point where, again in my opinion, it’s just one big joke that we, the tax payers, must fund. Seems to me that we should have more say in what’s being done.

The standard answer to that is usually, “you have a say with your vote” but I disagree. Sure, I can vote but it really doesn’t count because once elected, whoever I vote for picks their path and marches merrily down it without consideration for the promises they made. They make decisions using their far superior judgement as to what it best for ‘We the People.’

Sorry. That’s not me. Let’s talk about Demonstrations and Riots.

Nah, let’s not. I’ll leave those topics for the professional folks. I’ll stick to topics I’m familiar with and that I find fun.

Like, I just sneezed and look what I found.

Or, It’s August and I need a nap.

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