Outta Town. Again.

What I see while floating on my back in the pool.

Yes, that’s what I see while floating on my back in the pool which is located in Palm Springs, California. It’s a very serene, calming view. We’ve been here for two days and have decided we really like it. To the point where I checked on Zillow and discovered that Cary Grant’s old abode here in town is on the market for $2.9M. When I saw that I just about ripped the pocket off my jeans trying to get my wallet out so we could run right down to the realtor and make a deal. It’s either that, or just rent Leonardo DeCaprio’s home for $4.5K a night. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps we’ll just think about it a while then go back to Oregon where God lives. It’s true. That’s where he lives. He told me.

Getting here was just half the fun.

We headed south from home last Saturday morning about 9 am. First thing to note is that’s a record for us because we’ve never in our lives (that I can recall) have we left to go someplace at 9 am. It’s true that we’ve planned, numerous times, to do that, but generally we get going closer to noon. So, 9 am was good. It gave us time to stop at Scappoose Bagel for a wonderful start to our day. We love their bagels and save them for special occasions. I’d eat one every day if Diane let me but she doesn’t want me to get any roly polier.

After navigating the customary route up Cornelius Pass, to US 26, then right on US 217 to I-5 south, we were officially on our way to Klamath Falls, our first stop. To get there we escaped the helter skelter mess of I-5 by excecuting a tricky left on Highway 58 in Eugene, home of the Oregon Ducks.

It was an uneventful trip on a relatively vacant highway so we loved it very much. We’ve spent too many hectic trips up and down I-5, from one end to the other, so getting off the beaten path was a perfect beginning to our vacation.

We arrived in Klamath Falls fairly early so we had time to relax a bit before calling it a day. So many times in the past we didn’t find a room until we were ready to crash. Now that we’re older, planning ahead pays off. Diane is an expert at that and makes all the reservations on our route. It’s good to know where we’ll spend the night.

The next morning we got up fairly early and amazingly got on the road again at 9 am. Two days in a row. Another modern day record. Go figure.

Day two destination turned out to be Virginia City, Nevada. What a fun place that is … clamped to the side of a cliff, wooden boardwalks on both sides of the main street, tons of touristy places full of nifty trinkets from China, and real-deal shops filled with incredible local art. Quite a mix.

We spent a couple hours wandering around the various shops then decided it was time for dinner. Based on a recommendation from our host for the evening at the Virginia City Motel which is located at the southern end of town, top of the hill on the left. It’s an old place but very nice.

Dinner was at Cafe Del Rio where we had absolutely the best enchilada’s ever. They were so good that I ate them all up before Diane had a chance to take a photo. Trust me. If you’re ever in Virginia City, go to the Cafe Del Rio. It’s really great.

This is me being amazed about the quality of the guacamole served with the chips. There was enough of it left to smear around on the enchiladas. What a treat.

From Virginia City we wandered south on US-395 down the back side of Yosemite National Park, the Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and the Sequoia National Forest. We didn’t stop at any of them. We simply drove south taking in the beauty of the mountains we’ve always seen from the other side. It was a very nice, beautiful change.

Ridgecrest, California was our next stop. It wasn’t a remarkable place but it was nice. Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is joined at the hip with Ridgecrest. We snacked in our room after a long days drive and called it a day.

The last stretch to Palm Springs was a short one and we arrived early afternoon at the Palm Springs Tennis Club. Yeah, I was a little confused, too, but that’s where Diane booked us. And we don’t even play tennis. The lady at the reception desk got us checked in and we quickly unloaded all our stuff then took a riding tour of the city until our stomachs decided it was time to eat. We chose ‘Trio and enjoyed a very good dinner.

We’ve been here a couple of days and have been enjoying the pool which is right outside the front door of our condo.

Pretty nice.

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