Happy to live in a small town …

This morning I checked Bing News on my phone, like I do every day, to see what’s going on in the world and decided to first start with the US. Here are the headlines presented to me:

  • Illinois Judge Shot Dead Outside of His Chicago Home
  • Texas depot’s killer committed suicide the next day …
  • Triple murder defendant jumps to his death off courthouse balcony
  • Chicago father, son shoot each other after arguing about walking the dog
  • Manhunt intensifies for Joseph Jakubowski, Many Who Allegedly Stole Guns and Mailed Manifesto …
  • Video: Police officer throws woman face-first onto sidewalk
  • SEE IT: Georgia teen, boyfriend arrested in connection to double homicide involving suspects grandparents
  • Calif. teen dies in skateboarding crash
  • Man shot on street in South of Market area of SF
  • 2 women grilled 20 minutes, 2 blocks apart at Stanford
  • 42 arrested, 14 injured at annual Deltopia spring break party in Isla Vista
  • Police arrest Chicago man driving 158 mph on Indiana Toll Road
  • POLL: Is Aaron Hernandez Guilty Or Not Guilty Of Double Murder?
  • Woman charged with raping taxi driver
  • As deliberations begin, here’s the jury’s task in deadly N.J. stabbing trial
  • Bones found near border are those of missing Texas teen
  • 3 officers assaulted at Tennessee prison
  • Activist ties police shooting of car thief to Clint Greenwood slaying
  • Dylan Roof expected to plead guilty in state trial for Charleston church massacre
  • Iowa man charged with killing mother, father and sister

… I think you get the drift. Apparently there’s nothing good going on in the US according to Bing News. Makes me very happy I live in a small town where cows getting loose is important news.



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