Only 5 hours to 2017


Another year is almost gone already and I’m sitting here watching Clemson and Ohio beat each other up for a chance to play Alabama for the  NCAA National Championship game. And, the only memory I’ll probably have of 2016 is wondering why the Ohio players have little stickers of marijuana leaves all over their helmets.

Oh, I’m sure other important memories of 2016 will surface after the vision of those helmets dims, but, for now, that’s all I’ve got.

I didn’t even know marijuana was legal in Ohio, and I wonder if their coaches know what those little leaves symbolize.

Maybe I’m wrong and it’s some other kind of plant, but it’s still kinda weird.

I hope everyone has had a stellar year and that you all have a safe night celebrating the arrival of 2017.

Party smart.

See you next year.


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