Was Donald Just Messing Around?

I have an opinion.

Actually, I have lots of opinions.

Perhaps that isn’t news for those of you who know me, or who stumble across this blog once in a while. The opinion is about President Elect Donald John Trump and the turmoil that led up to him winning the election.

Now, I’m not going to dissect all the issues raised against both major candidates. No, I’m just opinionating about Donald’s reason for running and about the inflammatory things he said during the run.

First, it is my humble opinion that DJ initially threw his hat in the ring on a lark with no expectations of winning the nomination for the Republican Party. But he did, no matter what he did or said. So, he did and said pretty much anything he wanted and the media ate it up, beating him up for his blatant refusal to adhere to accepted political correctness as defined by the ACLU. That’s an opinion about the ACLU, too. I’m not sure they care about anything except messing with the lives of the majority.

So, there goes Donald, happily inflaming everyone, seeing his frowning face alongside Hillary’s smiling face on every newscast. Regarding that … I think it’s very evident which way a newspaper, or network was leaning by those photos. Sneer vs. Smile. What could go wrong, right? The entire nation was against him, it seemed. No one thought he had a prayer of getting the GOP nomination and I think that was right on target for Donald. He was having a great time.

Then he was nominated so had to up the stakes by offending as many people as he could. Build a wall between us and Mexico then bill the Mexican government. Silly stuff like that. Saying things and offending people in a giant effort to avoid the possibility that he would be elected.

All the polls indicated Hillary was beating Donald on all fronts. He didn’t have a chance. So they said. Then, on November 8th, all of Donald’s fears were realized when he started to win those Swing States. I can just see him as he sat in his 3-story penthouse, seeing that he was winning states he was supposed to lose and thinking, “man, if this keeps up I’m going to have to move. That won’t be good.”

When the final bell rang, and Hillary lost, there was Donald shaking his head in amazement. He won! How in the heck did that happen when he’d done his absolute best to lose. Or, was he simply making a point, showing that America was looking for someone different, really different. Someone so unlike your run-of-the-mill lifetime politician that it was offensive. If that is correct, he certainly did it, and that it happened makes him look like some kind of genius.

Now it’s four days later and Donald seems to have mellowed. A lot. He’s talking about retaining portions of Obamacare, something he was going to totally dismantle not too long ago.

Now the intended joke is a reality and he’s either got to make good on all his early promises, or fold a little like all the previous winners did. Funny thing, though, the promises he won’t keep were never realistic, and everyone knew that.

So, why did they vote for him? Hard to tell, but they did. And he won. And he’ll be moving out of that 3-story New York penthouse in January. During a snow storm.

I don’t know about you, but I’m mighty curious to see what happens. I already feel pretty good about what’s currently going on because the world didn’t end on November 9th as I suspected it might.

Maybe that’s what’s next.

Oh … being curious about the meaning of GOP so I Googled it. Turns out to mean “Grand Old Party”. I think that’s a pretty frivolous moniker for an organization as serious as the Republican Party. OK. That’sa joke. Kinda.

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