Day 3 – Windsor Locks, CT

Yes. We’re still in Windsor Locks.

Both Diane and I slept very well even though the bed is exactly as hard as Ruth said it was. We thought she was kidding. She wasn’t. Her bed is so hard that we could easily have been sleeping in the driveway. It’s true. I said that out loud this morning and no one, not even Ruth, did not disagree. Still, it wasn’t bad.

Sadly, when I got up (before Diane did) at 9:17 am, Ruth was battling some kind of bug that was playing havoc with her BS levels. She’s a Professional Diabetic with many years of experience and was crashing, trying to get her level back up. Complicating that effort was, no doubt, a bit of foreign debris flown in from Oregon especially for her. It didn’t sit right. After an hour or so she began to improve so Diane and I left the house to drive around looking at stuff, leaving her with strict instructions to rest, which she ignored.

It’s very interesting to drive around Windsor Locks because you never know when you’re going to wind up in another town. And, all the houses are unique and they are not crowded together like all the new construction we see all over the place.

While we were out we stopped by Target to get a prescription Ruth had filled, and Diane wanted to get potatoes to go with the meat loaf Ruth found in the freezer. Actually, the meat loaf was destined for tomorrow, and we were scheduled to go out to dinner with some of her friends this evening. With her not feeling well, however, the better choice was made to stay in and give her more time to heal.

The meat loaf was really great. Ruth said it was originally destined to be meat balls for spaghetti sauce but she changed her mind because she wasn’t sure if we liked spaghetti. After sharing that spaghetti is one of my favorite meals of all time I suggested that the remaining meat loaf could be cut up into meat cubes for the sauce. Something different. I think she thought that might be an OK thing to do.

After dinner Diane retired to the large (15 x 15) screened porch. It’s her favorite room in the house, she said. It is nice sitting out here listening to the crickets and frogs make noise. Very peaceful.



After looking at that photo of the guy with Diane I’m thinking it’s time to just start shaving my head. The problem with that is that’s it’s just that much more hair that I’d have to shave and I totally dislike shaving. Guess I’ll just have to stick with the Friar Tuck look.

Jeopardy is on so it must be time to go back in the house. Need to get to bed early tonight because Ruth declares she’s well enough to make the trip to New York for a look at Ground Zero. Should be fun.



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