OK, it’s official. Hillary has entered the ranks of famous people who only need one name for folks to know who they are. Like Madonna. Had to point that out even though I’m pretty sure everyone knows.

Then, this morning, I read a news blip about how Hillary, at a NAACP conference, vowed to reform the American justice system to “root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African-Americans.”

First, African-Americans, when the dust settles are just Americans like the rest of us. It is my belief that those who insist on being called African-Americans are part of the “bias” problem in American and help perpetuate racial tensions. I, and many others, not all of us Hispanic, or Black, have pointed this out in the past, but we are overshadowed by the media who dwell in the world where the sensational minority demand more attention than the more stable majority. It’s a sad situation.

I have to add that my first thought about Hillary’s vow to reform the justice system was that she wanted to ensure that no one in the future would be able to cleanly walk away from legal charges like she did. It was a travesty of justice and she knows it so I guess she’s going to fix it.


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