Lydia’s 17! Already? … and other stuff …

Yesterday was Lydia’s 17th birthday. I know that’s true because I distinctly remember celebrating her 16th birthday about this time a year ago. Also, everyone was congratulating her on her 17th birthday making it even more clear to me. Here’s Lydia with her two best buds, Georgie and Ceirra.


Lydia’s party was held at the tea house in St. Helens where we ate tiny little sandwiches with interesting innards (one with curry that tricked me into thinking I was eating egg salad), various flavors of tea (all very good), many kinds of desserts (all good), and great service. Georgie, Lydia’s good friend, who works at the tea house, sat at the table with us to ensure we had the best service. We did, of course.

Georgie in her working uniform. The British flag apron is significant because her Mom, Jacqui, is from England and that’s where Georgie is going to college after graduating this year.


Maryssa, our only niece, has been tearing up the ball park with home runs lately. It all started when Diane and I were present at her game here in Oregon where she hit her first collegiate homer. A monster at the plate, she is.

Cedric will be leaving for boot camp mid April. He’s very excited about getting on with his life and a possible Navy career. We’re excited for him. Until he gets the call telling him when his departure date will be, he’s just hanging out …


Actually, he’s grabbing some rest after helping monitor the task of hiding eggs for the little girls. It is Easter, you know. So, Happy Easter.

The kids, big and little, all had a terrific time hiding the eggs (plastic ones with candy inside) then helping them find them. When that was done, the little girls got to hide eggs for the big kids. It was a great time. Lots of energy. The difference in the eggs is that the big kid eggs had money inside, not candy. Since Cedric is leaving soon for a paying job in the Navy, he gave the money he found to his sister, Lydia. What a guy.

Now, I’ll end with some pictures of all the fun they had, then I’m going to bed.


This is the Blackwood Legacy gospel group from Nashville. They blessed our little church last Wednesday evening with a 2 hour concert that blew our socks off. These guys are terrific. If you ever have the chance to see the in person, do so, by all means. They are (left to right) Paul, Hunter, Rick, and Luke. Amazing artists.


Jennie’s brother, Jeff, enjoying a cup of tea at Lydia’s party. The tea was pretty awesome.IMG_2971

Ceirra, Lydia, and GeorgieIMG_2975

A plate of food before it was rapidly decimatedIMG_2977

The girls, againIMG_3024

Gilligan and JennieIMG_3013


This is, like, the best T-shirt ever for LydiaIMG_2981

More of the food. I must admit that I had my very first jelly and banana sandwich here and it was actually pretty good. Who knew? This is a photo of Diane’s hand headed for the plate to grab something.

Gilligan in full sprint mode looking for eggs



Little kids off to hide eggs for the big kids, Baylee in the leadDSC_4960

This is out of sequence, because I think it’s big kids hiding eggs for little kids.DSC_4957

Just checking to see if you’re still awake. I have no idea who this is, but he, or she, has pretty much hit the limit, I’d say. I suspect getting an MRI, should the need arise, probably won’t happen.


3 thoughts on “Lydia’s 17! Already? … and other stuff …

  1. Thanks for the praises of Maryssa!!! This team is so awesome. The girls are playing well because they like and trust each other. We are proud parents and are happy you got to experience the first one. We’ve seen all of the others and although we want her to get another one (or more) this weekend and next, we won’t be there to witness. The season is rapidly coming to an end with only 4 more weekends of regular season. They are doing so well, they might just qualify for end of season tournament! Stay tuned!

    • End of season tournament sounds fun. Do you think the reason the team is getting along so well is because the bitchy pitcher from last year is gone? From what I heard she wasn’t one to promote teamwork.


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