So, you want to be President, huh?

So, I’ve been thinking. Some who know me may find that a little disconcerting because they are familiar with the odd things that happen when I do something like that. You know, think. Most of the time I don’t do that and, from my point of view, life is way more interesting if I just leave my brain unengaged. Now I’m going to take that huge step into outer space and share some possibly controversial political information that’s been circling the drain in my brain for a couple of months. It concerns all the hoopla surrounding Trump and those who rally against him.

First, I’m not necessarily a Trump advocate, nor am I totally against him. Part of me really likes his disregard for political correctness, the main reason I like him. He’s not a “party line” kinda guy. He doesn’t use a lot of filters when sharing information, or his views on how things should be done. He shoots from the hip. All those things … I like all of that. I have some concerns about how he tentatively plans to accomplish some of his programs, but figure, if he’s elected, he’ll do his best to honor his word.

That brings to mind the other candidates … all those career politicians who fall complacently into the party line, to continue down the established road of political correctness that’s sinking our nation, seemingly ignoring the pledges they made during their run for office. “We need new leadership,” they shout from the roof tops, and that’s what they get with every election, new leadership. Sadly, they new leadership is no different from the old leadership. But, it sounds like a good rallying cry, doesn’t it? Then there’s “We need to turn this country around!” Well, ya, we do. But just saying it, without providing a solution as to how that’s going to happen, is rhetoric. Meaningless. A waste of good air. It’s an old saying, and everyone’s heard it, but it comes to mind every time my favorite TV program gets preempted by politics – it goes something like this …

If you identify, or complain about a problem, but don’t offer a solution, you’re part of the problem

or words to that effect

Pretty simple stuff, and there actually are politicians that provide good solutions to problems. Then, congress gets involved and screws it all up. Why do we bother? Seems like a considerable waste of time to allow an elected group of people who swore to work in our best interest while, at the same time, make sure they are not forced to feed at the same trough they provide for us. How utterly typical.

Another thing that’s caught my attention is Trump’s vow to deport all the illegal aliens. I read an article this morning how it would take x number of school buses, moving 650 a day, for 20 years to get all the illegals removed. It went on to tally up the billions of dollars it would cost to make it all happen, not taking into account the billions of dollars sent out of the country each year by illegals who work here, and money lost because most of them don’t pay taxes.

I have a better idea …

Since the vast majority of illegals really aren’t a problem, why not concentrate on those who are?

  • Take all those illegals who are currently incarcerated for any infraction, and send them back with a distinctive tattoo so they can be identified should they try to return. I’m thinking something like, “I WAS DEPORTED FROM THE USA ON DAY, MONTH, YEAR” on the bottom of their left foot. Maybe implant a chip.
  • ACLU lawyers who represent illegals, complaining that rights have been violated, should accompany illegals they support to their country of the illegal’s origin. They can be ACLU lawyers there, just as well as here.
  • Any illegal who joins the US Military in an enlisted capacity, and serves honorably for at least 4 years, is granted citizenship. Any infraction during the four years results in termination of the agreement.
  • Any illegal too old for military service, must have 4 years of clean living before granting citizenship.

To make things fair, allow illegals 3 months to make their presence known by registering with their local police station for possible amnesty. Each registrant would receive an ID card. After three months, require everyone in the US to provide proof of citizenship, registration, or visit visa, upon request, for any reason when asked by law enforcement, retailers, employers, etc. Only those nefarious individuals who wish to remain invisible, and the ACLU, will object to this.

OK, none of that is really very realistic, I know. It’s kind of like listening to a politician talk. But, I did provide some possible solutions even though they are a little radical.

Perhaps, instead of electing a president, we should elect a King. I was going to add Queen, also, but everyone knows that if we elect a King, the Queen will rule anyway. That’s just the way it is. The King, with the Queen’s permission, can rule the country with an iron fist. He will live in the Whitehouse and the National Promenade will be divided up into plots suitable for his serfs to raise crops. …………….

Gotta quit, now. Things are quickly heading south. Thankfully, I’ve opened up enough brain space to allow me peace throughout the next week or so.

Please remember that you should not believe anything I’ve written as I’m a known prevaricator. Ya, I lie. A lot. Maybe I should be a politician.

2 thoughts on “So, you want to be President, huh?

  1. There is a lot of what you wrote is good even great. Unless we have term limits and when the legislators enter into the congress in DC or in Oregon, there is no party. They are to represent all of us. Take all lobbyist and put them on a leaking ship and send them out to sea….and ban the ship from any US port. See if we put our heads together we could solve a lot of our problems. Oh I forgot, you want welfare, you get a job and work at least 20 hrs a week or no welfare. Mandatory drug test to get any welfare money and have restrictions on what they can soda pop, potato chips, candy and such stuff. Vie On Mar 3, 2016 1:17 PM, “Temporary Sanity …” wrote:

    > Jerrie posted: “So, I’ve been thinking. Some who know me may find that a > little disconcerting because they are familiar with the odd things that > happen when I do something like that. You know, think. Most of the time I > don’t do that and, from my point of view, life is wa” >

    • I should have talked to you before pulling that plug. Good points, especially about them limits. I totally spaced on that. Perhaps that will be the topic of another data dump. Tanks, Vie.

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