What’s the difference between arrogance and stupidity?

What I did today:

  1. Resurrected an old battery-powered train engine for the train that runs around our Christmas tree.
  2. Emptied my suitcase of all the stuff I brought back from Hawaii yesterday.
  3. Paid all the bills that were waiting for us.
  4. Got a virus, or two, on my Apple computer. Ran a never ending virus scan to isolate and remove them using CLAMX. I don’t know how I wound up with that but it seems to work pretty good.
  5. Cleaned all the hair out of Diane’s shower drain. This is something I should put on my monthly to-do list. Considering how much hair I get out of her drain each time I can only wonder why she isn’t bald yet. It’s pretty amazing.
  6. Worked on wood projects by sanding things that I’ve glued together.
  7. Installed electric Christmas Penguins on and by the front porch.
  8. On my handy dandy Bing home page I read the news about Ash Carter using his personal email to conduct official business, just like Hillary did.

#9 brings me to the topic noted in the title of this post. Are these people just stupid, or arrogant enough to feel they are above he law? Why would any of us tax paying citizens elect someone who chooses to make their own rules when it comes to conducting business supposedly to benefit those who elected them?

Sadly, in the case of Ash Carter, we can’t hold him to the same standards because he was appointed by the president, not elected. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Appointer must bear the burden Ash’s inability to follow some pretty simple rules.

Further more, while watching all of the on-going commotion amongst the candidates vying for the honor of being the Top Dog of this amazing country we have, I’ve decided that, since I’m too late to jump into the race this time, in 2020 I’m going to lie about my age, my military and work history, and tons my hat into the proverbial ring. I can hear all of you saying to yourselves, “where will you get the millions, and millions of dollars necessary to properly represent the country?”

Well, I’m counting on whichever candidate wins to make that easy peasy for us peons by allowing Crowd Funding to cover the charges. Maybe that’s legal already, I really don’t know. If it is, I’ve not heard of anyone using it although some may be using it and just aren’t telling anyone about it.

My qualifications speak for themselves.

  1. As I’ve already mentioned, the first thing I’m going to do is lie about my age. This puts me ahead of most candidates because I’m accomplished liar who isn’t afraid to admit it and I won’t claim it was an oversight. I actually do it on purpose.
  2. I already have gray hair so there’s no way that anything happening on my watch will make me look any older than the age I’m going to give on my filing papers. Those watching will perceive that I handle stress in an amazing way which will allow them to consider that I’m the ideal candidate to have in bad situations
  3. My main platform will be that I will strive to eliminate all borders surrounding our country by working with the Canadian and Mexican governments to align with the US and form a new country that includes all properties of our three countries. My suggestion for the new name will is MexiCanUs. I haven’t worked out the details of what the flag will look like but feel that it would be OK if each former country continued to fly current flag. Eliminating the borders will, I know, cause a problem for all companies concerned with making chain link fences, those who are employe to protect our respective  borders, and all DMV offices.
  4. I will campaign for a flat 10% tax for all residents of the new nation. No deductions will be allowed. Just straight 10% for everyone based on how much they earn during the year regardless of where they earned it or where they hide it. There will be no need to refund overpayments because there won’t be anything to refund right away.
  5. The current IRS employees will be released. They will be replaced by one of the small CPA firms who wish to add their names to the pool from which a winner will be drawn at random. This new firm will be responsible for managing the budgets for all departments of the government which themselves will be cleaned up and minimized to make them more functional.
  6. At the end of each year the chosen CPA firm will refund all excess funds to those who paid taxes. Each filer will receive the same amount of refund.

That’s just a little bit of what I plan to do. There will be more once I determine which one of my friends will be the vice president. I’m sure he or she will have some good ideas. I’ll probably ask all of the possible choices what they think we should do.

Hey! Since this is published to Facebook, and I have almost 300 friends there, perhaps some of you would like to chime in with ideas. Couldn’t hurt.

Now I must stop and let my brain rest.

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