Scappoose Sports

Once the St. Helens football and soccer teams were eliminated from contention for their respective playoffs, Diane and I started going to Scappoose football and soccer games. It was an easy thing to do because both Diane and I are Scappoose alumni and actually know a lot of people sitting in the stands around us. The upside to attending those games was that they were winning and lots of fun to watch. What made it even better was that they played some of their games on St. Helens’ new turf field. Therefore, we didn’t have to travel all the way to Scappoose, those dangerous 8 miles, to watch the games. It was as simple as rolling down to the bottom of the hill, kinda.

Yesterday we watched Scappoose win another quarter-final game 48-46. It initially looked like it was going to be a blowout when the Indians went ahead 34-13 but Marshfield (Coos Bay) came back and made a game out of it. It was pretty tense at the end of the game when they got that close.

Now the Indians, who are still maintaining home field advantage, must win their semi-final game against North Bend to earn their spot in the state championship game which will be played November 28th, right after Thanksgiving. Sadly, we won’t be able to attend the semi-final game because we’ll be somewhere in Portland watching Riverdance. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Now, the girls soccer team. What a powerhouse they are. I may have mentioned in a previous post that the football team place kicker is on the girls soccer team. She’s pretty tricky with her feet and is one of the primary scorers for the team. Today the Lady Indians played their last game, winning the state championship game 5-0, and ending their season unbeaten at 18-0. Of the games we watched, we only saw one goal scored against them. Today’s game was really a little boring, like everyone knew what was going to happen so there was no excitement in the crowd. That came out only when the girls scored. They reminded Diane and me of how the St. Helens JV team played … totally as a team that knows how to pass the ball. It was a clinic for their opponents.

Here’s a photo of the boys’ last win on the St. Helens field … this is when they broke ranks from what appeared to me to be an illegal prayer on a school field. I loved it.IMG_0227

And, here are the girls right after winning their championship game. It was supposed to rain buckets today, but it held off so they played dray the entire game.

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