Type II Diabetes

For the past couple of years I’ve been flirting with diabetes but haven’t really taken the threat serious because the numbers were always on the verge of normal. So, why worry, right? Well, my last visit with my VA doctor brought all that frivolity crashing down on my head when she said that I’m beyond “being on the verge” and have acquired the status of a true diabetic. My A1C told her so.

Because of that, instead of making a lame attempt of counting carbs, Diane has put me on a strict weight loss program which we are both following. This one counts calories and we’re tracking everything we eat using a handy little app called “Lose It”.

My goal is to dump 20 pounds which Lose It says I can easily do by September if I just quite nibbling my way through the day. Using technology to track everything is a great way for me to avoid the snacks because it’s a pain sometimes to make all those entries so I skip the snacks so I won’t have to. It works.

In addition to losing 20 pounds, my goal is to diminish the effects of diabetes to the point where I can retain all my digits until the even of my untimely death, whenever that may be.

Regarding the latter, there’s a chainsaw in the back yard calling my name. It’s an electric one but it can still cause a lot of damage for the unwary.

Check you later.

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