Random Wounds

Well, I did it again. I unintentionally harmed one of my favorite body parts while I was working to get the front replaced on the old Winnebago. I don’t think this injury is terminal, but it was for sure frightfully painful and an epic sphincter check.

Picture this … I’m standing about half way up an 8 foot step-ladder attempting to push this fiberglass cowl thing into position where it rests on top of the roof and rests just above the windshield. I’m stretching my little arms to position the piece and give one last little push that causes a similar reaction to my left foot which is the only foot on the ladder. My right knee is positioned precariously on the brace at the bottom of the windshield so when I pushed the ladder out I had a total of about 4 milliseconds to determine my fate and the fate of the roof part I had been working on for the past few days. It was either let go of the part, and hope it didn’t break to smithereens when it landed, then grab something sturdy to keep from breaking something in the vicinity of my legs, arms, or chest. Giving this situation careful consideration I determined a compromise was in order.

So, I pushed the roof part up and away from me, toward the roof, which opened up the area directly above the windshield which is imbedded in a sturdy steel frame. As I pushed I simultaneously rid myself of the ladder which left my feet with nothing but air. I intuitively bent my wrists in search of contact with something sturdy and found that bar of sharp steel I mentioned. It caught my left arm about an inch up my arm from my wrist and slowly pealed a few layers of skin into a barrier that stalled my descent enough that I could get my right knee off the windshield and put my foot on the bumper. Once that was accomplished, I released the pressure on my left arm and took a glance at the damage as I stepped to the ground and ran screaming to the house like a little girl about how bad it hurt. What I saw during my brief assessment of the wound was a nasty scrape and that ridge of multiple layers of skin pealed into the barrier I mentioned.

Once in the house, and I didn’t really scream like a little girl … I didn’t even scream at all … but it truly did hurt a great deal as I clasped it to my chest, looking for Diane so I could share, and get some help. Standing over the kitchen sink, in case it was gushing blood, I uncovered my arm and held it over the sink. It didn’t drip a bit and for that I was happy. No stitches would be necessary. It was just a nasty scrape which I could deal with.

Diane got a super sized band-aid, smeared it with antiseptic salve, and applied it over the wound. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see how many colors it will be. Should be festive. Right now it’s just a little swollen and very, very tender. Showering will be a challenge, but it must be done. Diane said I smelled pretty bad. Guess I better check my shorts, just in case.

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