Why do you suppose it is that some of our more notable Americans, who fight all comers to supposedly abolish racism, simply ensure that racism remains alive and well in America by stoking the fires that ignite prejudice? Job security would be my guess. If they were truly dedicated to fighting for their cause, they would look at both sides of an issue before immediately jumping on the band wagon of those who, as chance would have it, are the same color they are.

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Prejudice

  1. If folks looked at the number of blacks killing blacks and whites or the number of police of all races injured by people of other colors; of the facts of every situation were heard and understood; if those who make their names by how they stir up others were not allowed to tell their version of incite foul had truths; if reason prevailed, perhaps ours would be a much more civilized nation.

    • I so totally agree, Patty. Sadl, the media only report on the angry minority of any race, not the voices of reason. As a result, cities burn. It’s good press.

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