Beware !

Just so you know, danger, in the form of a cute blond girl, lurks the hi-ways and by-ways of our little city.

Lydia got her driver’s permit.


I’m confident that she will do just fine and obey all the rules but feel it’s only fair that everyone know. I’m sure she’s been warned to watch out for all of you, too.

4 thoughts on “Beware !

  1. We have learned two things thus far…she is afraid of yellow lines and will avoid getting close..even if the passenger feels that being in a ditch or able to touch mailboxes is not ok. Secondly, Stop signs..mainly the thick white line that accompany them are ment to land in the middle of the car, and she arrupts in giggles when this occurs. We will be looking for a professional to allieviate her of these, and many other issues that will arise.

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