So, You Lost an Email …

I usually don’t go down bunny holes concerning government inadequacies, but I can’t let this one go. It concerns the IRS and lost emails.

I saw a news item that key people at the IRS inexplicably experienced computer crashes that foiled attempts to recover emails concerning Tea Party targeting.


I find it incredibly interesting that a government computer can crash and cause the loss of emails. Admittedly, I’m making assumptions, but they are based on personal experience as an IT employee for a fairly large company where computer crashes were  common, though infrequent, events. When it happened it was a simple matter of replacing the hard drive, or the computer, to get the employee back in action.

True, personal files on crashed systems get lost, but corporate documents were safely captured on company servers. None of that data, or email messages, went missing.

So, knowing this, and seeing what the IRS is saying about computer crashes and lost emails, I can only presume that the IRS doesn’t follow common corporate procedures, or common practice, for protecting their data. They either work on a system that doesn’t use servers, have departments that work in silos allowing their managers to determine how data is protected, or “someone” is simply lying.

 I wonder which one it is. There’s a possibility, of course, that I’ve missed something and the IRS has expanded on more modern methods for data protection that were revealed when ENRON folded up and crashed in 2001.

Yeah … that’s probably it.

4 thoughts on “So, You Lost an Email …

  1. This makes me furious…… know they can recover those emails…..
    Hope your feeling no aches or pains from that fall…my pc is kaput so sending this thru the kindle…glad also your test came out good….

    Say hello to Diane for us…..miss you both….Linda & Tom

    • Hi You Two! Kinda rankles me, too. Broken PC? Want me to fiddle with it? I can actually revive those things once in a while and it’s a free. Just say the word.

  2. Will call you about it….it’s an old one……pc that is…..I think its a 7 …..does that make sense…Coleen and I dont get along well when it comes to pc’s….and microsoft or something dont protect me…..way over my head…

    • Call any time. I know a little about 7 … that’s the operating system. I forgot that Coleen is a geek, too. It won’t cause any problems if I look at your PC, will it?

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