Mr. & Mrs. Cate

May I present the newest Mr. & Mrs Cate on the block … Shene & Logan …

DSC_0626That’s Shene & Logan in the middle with Shene’s Grandma, Margaret, and Logan’s Grandpa, Me. You can see I wore one of my special T-shirts for the occasion. Diane couldn’t make it because she was complying with a summons that required her presence at the St. Helens Court House for the entire day. I brought cake home for her, however, so she was able to participate in a vicarious way, visualizing the event while nibbling.

Now, a little background …

Shene and Logan have been together for around 6 years and have two children …

Juliette, in Grandma Tisha’s arms (Logan’s Mom) …DSC_0555

… and DanYell …DSC_0495

That’s DaYell in the white dress with her Aunt Gilligan (left), and their much older cousin, Lydia (right).

It was a private, simple, meaningful ceremony that got interesting for me well before it began. I was the first to arrive at Margaret’s home, in whose back yard the vows were to be shared. We visited for a bit, waiting for the pastor to arrive. When he did, and Margaret greeted him, I immediately recognized his voice. Diane and I have known him for a number of years because we all belong to the St. Helens branch of Lions International. It was one of those small world surprises that I enjoy immensely. Gary was as surprised as I was, I think. Evidently, he didn’t know that most of the Cate’s in the the universe are probably related in some obscure way.

Anyway, it was good to see Gary and know he was the Pastor of choice. I learned that he baptized Shene many years ago, so there was already a meaningful connection for her. Logan? He was just doing what Shene wanted, like all good husbands, or prospective husbands, do. That’s a good thing. A safe approach to any relationship.

Logan’s Step-Dad, Rick, walked Shene to the altar behind Tisha and Juliette, who was supposed to be scattering rose petals as she went. That was a problem, however, because Juliette didn’t want to share her flowers. They were hers and she was going to keep them.


Gary met them at the altar, and the service began …

DSC_0535Vows were said, rings were exchanged, and suddenly it was done.

DSC_0541Just … like … that … Jeff gained a new Daughter-in-law, we gained a new Granddaughter, Daniel & Jennifer gained a new niece, and the Walters kids gained a new cousin. I say that, even though the family association has been implied for a number of years, but this made it official. To make it even better, Margaret and I signed the wedding documents as witnesses – Grandparents from both sides … that’s not something I anticipated and I don’t think Margaret did, either. But, it can’t be taken away and I, personally, was honored to do it.

The happy newlyweds …


The new family …


The “new” Dad …

DSC_0562Logan’s Mom, Tisha, and step-Dad Rick …


The brides shoes with appropriately mis-matched socks …DSC_0577

New cousins, and Aunt, and Uncle …DSC_0616

The bride’s sister …DSC_0617

A partial family photo … there are four missing – Heather, Tiana, Jerrie, and Juliette.

With Grandma Margaret …

There are more photos, of course, and those will be shared with the family. For this effort, I’m sure you’ve seen enough and can see that folks are happy. We look forward to the many visits our future holds.

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