Cedric Dean Bradley Walters

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, Cedric was 17. It’s difficult for me to comprehend that he’s really that old. It’s an old cliché that “yesterday” he was really little …


… then he got really big …


He’s about an inch away from looking me directly in the eye. With his curly hair, however, he’s about 6’3″. Well, maybe only 6′ even. Much bigger than I as at his age. I think I was only about 4’11” when I started high school and only about 5’7″ when I graduated. After that I kept growing, even after I got married to my first wife at age 24. Really, it’s true. Ask Diane.

Also, yesterday, Cedric was driven to his summer job at Camp Tadmor. His stated goal, at least the last one I heard, was to be a Youth Pastor when he grows up. In my estimation, that’s an admirable goal. Working at Tadmor is an excellent step toward that goal. It’s also a large step in growing up because it will be the longest time he’s ever been away from his family. He’s excited about it and we’re all excited for him.

He’ll do a great job and have a great time, we’re sure.

Just gotta love that kid. He epitomizes pretty much everything that’s good about today’s youth.

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