Budgets, How to Save $$, and Lent

I spent most of today fiddling with my budget spreadsheet, shifting things around so the numbers worked … you know, kinda like statistics. After a while, it all started to click into place which concerns me a bit because I’m a terrible accountant type person. So, the proof of whether or not it’s going to work will be determined when we run our of money on our vacation.

On the upside of the money issue, I got a call today from Hudson Garbage to ask me if I knew I had a large credit balance on my account. I didn’t know that. The lady told me it was in excess of $500 which took me a bit by surprised. Learning this, you may wonder why I’m the one paying the bills, right? Well, turns out the $45 bill I’ve been paying every month, for a long time, only has to be paid every other month, on the odd ones. Plus, the bill is $52 and change, not $45. The lady asked if I wanted to just apply it to the next year’s worth of service. I told her no, just send it back so I can factor it into my budget as newly found money. The question I should have asked is “why did it take so long for you to discover this?” That’s a moot point at this time.

So, for those of you who wish to stash away a few bucks, just double pay one of your bills and let it ride until they figure it out. The danger is, of course, they may never find out, or may to just choose to ignore the overage. It’s a crap shoot, perfect for the garbage company account.

Diane cut her lip today opening a zip lock bag. Now, I’ve injured myself in some pretty interesting ways over the years, but that’s a new one. I must take a step back and humbly bow to one who totally outdid me on creative ways to make yourself bleed. In her defense, she didn’t have to show me, but she did so it’s fair game.

At 1600 I had to get dressed for church to attend our Lenten service. I spent the day in my pajamas. While talking with the Comcast Lady, to arrange a cable install at the church, I mentioned that I was in my pajamas and she proclaimed that she, also, spends most of her work day in hers. We had quite a long, revealing conversation.

Now it’s late. We’re leaving for vacation right after my 1100 orthopedic appointment tomorrow, and I haven’t packed yet. Think that’s going to wait until tomorrow. I can’t tell you where we’re going, or how long we’ll be gone because Diane doesn’t want anyone to empty the place in our absence. Rest assured, however, they neighbors keep a close eye on strangers and they all have guns.

In parting, here’s a picture of the lunch Diane made me. It’s 5 pancakes, two eggs, and three pieces of bacon cut in half. I cut all the bacon in half so it would fit into one of those large ziploc bags.


2 thoughts on “Budgets, How to Save $$, and Lent

  1. It’s been a while since I have commented on one of your posts. But this one requires some dialog amongst old friends.

    I always paid the garbage bill extra every month because I pay my bills on the last day of every month consistently. They send statements out a few day later, then I have to get back into Quicken and print another check. I didn’t like that, because I could be gone for several days and then if it was late they would charge a finance fee. At least I felt they would. One time they called me and asked me if I knew I had a $246 credit. I didn’t know it accrued that fast, but it did. Now I just do auto pay and they take the right amount when they want it.

    Vacation and running out of money………we may experience that this year as well.

    Budgeting, I love it! Really! However, I am the only one that likes it. So doesn’t work so well here unless I paint the picture of holding up a sign at an intersection with a old hound by my side. The sign would have the words “God Bless” on it somewhere.

    And finally, As I was reading the part of the post that said Dianne cut her lip, I was hoping the following words were not going to be “while shaving.”

    Keep up the posts. I don’t read every one of them, but the ones I do are just what I need to read. Thank you for the energy!

    • Thanks, Randy. I’m so happy to know there is at least one other person in the world who has used the Garbage service as an impromptu savings plan. Mine was on auto pay also, via the credit union bill pay. I get to pick the date and amount that way. I have the illusion that I’m more in control.

      Keep on keeping’ on, my Friend.


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