Hoover Dam, New Blance, & Nike

Today I received confirmation that alternate universes do, indeed, exist because I was transported to one of them. In the universe to which I was accustomed, my, and Jack’s, big brother, Jimmie, friended me on Facebook. I believe I mentioned him at points in the past. Remember? He’s the anal one. I know, that sounds bad, but it really isn’t. He just has to have everything, I mean EVERYTHING, neat and tidy. Even the rusty things he has are neat. Plus, he’s the only person I know, in any universe, who can watch TV like this …


Here’s what he looks like standing on the westbound side of Highway 93 on the Pat Tillman Bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam. But, he has sun glasses on so you can’t really tell if his eyes are open or not … you’ll notice, too, that he’s wearing a Scappoose hat. Yes, it does exist.


So, here’s Jim, who only recently discovered that computers had to be turned on to function, they don’t just come on when you enter a room, exposing himself to the world of Facebook. In a million years I never thought that would happen. Donna has been trying to get him more involved with the computer for many years so she wouldn’t have to repeat emails to him, and such. Until now, he’s resisted successfully. Apparently she finally got out the old cattle prod and convinced him sleep would be difficult if he didn’t take that giant step into the present century. For that, I’m proud of them both – Donna for her perseverance, and Jim for finally bending a little. Welcome to the electronic world. I can say that, directly to him, since I’m guessing he’ll be reading this. I am proud of him, too. Good onya, Jimmie!

Now, about sneakers. Specifically, New Balance and Nike kinds of sneakers. This part is for Susan who shared a great photo of her new NB sneakers on Facebook indicating they were the replacements for those she obtained in 2010. She’s been working them hard, getting into shape, and she absolutely wears me out with all the exercisy-type things she’s doing every day. She has the voice of an angel. I’m proud of her, but this is about sneakers and feel compelled to share a picture of my new sneakers that Diane insisted I needed.

She gave them to me for Christmas because she knows I’ll never get them on my own. They are so incredibly comfortable that she got another pair. Now I have two pair! The new ones replaced a pair of Nike Airs that I’ve had for approximately 20 years. They’ve been worn out for a long time, but they seemed to be comfortable to me. I guess that’s true because I just didn’t know any better. Here’s what they look like …


The old brown ones have been good to me over the years but it’s time to let them go. Still, they will make good work shoes, I think. I’m going to keep them.

The new ones, as I stated, are extremely comfortable. For me that’s pertty easy because I’m not a runner. I just walk. That’s why the old ones have lasted such a long time. They haven’t run anywhere. Ever. The new ones aren’t going to run, either. Unless something scares me.

Here’s one pair of them …


… and here’s the other pair …


They are exactly the same, but different.

I figure it doesn’t matter what color I wear so I just make sure I have one right and one left. Lydia approves, I’m sure, because she does the same thing, with socks. In her world it’s wrong to wear matching socks.

Maybe I’m starting a new fad with shoes.

Maybe not.

18 thoughts on “Hoover Dam, New Blance, & Nike

  1. Now, firstly, do you think Jim might be OCD? Could explain his need to have everything just so eh.. lol.

    I feel excited just reading about someone else’s experiences with technology – particularly when they have resisted for such a long time, but have been gently persuaded and convinced of the benefits! Think you might be able to get him writing in word press in the near future? *chuckles*

    Love the picture of the sneakers. I LOVE Nikes, though since having a fairly bad car accident, I wear ASICS as they are much better for my feet.

    I hope you keep the un-matching pairs as pairs – that is pretty awesome 🙂 I think I might do that on purpose just to give my gym buddies a giggle.

    Great post, Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey there, Miss Lou! Thanks for the comment. Jim is certainly OCD, but that’s only conjecture because he’s never been diagnosed. The thing with the unmatched pairs is that Orange is 1/2 size larger than Yellow to allow for heavier socks when necessary. Honestly, however, they both feel the same so I will switch them up. Probably tonight when I go to church council. I’m the president. No one will be phased, even if they notice. I visited your blog and really enjoy it. Thanks for looking.

  2. Actually my dad hasn’t started using the computer! He now has a smartphone! We will wait and see whether he ends up being smarter than the phone or not. I’m going to borrow the picture of him at the dam and put it on his facebook page. Then I will walk him through making it his profile picture. He doesn’t like the one he has.

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