Messy Drawers, and Little Kids

Today was interesting because Diane woke up full of adrenalin and instructions. Fortunately, for me, because I was taking my morning nap during the initial surge, but I was caught up in it when I started to pay attention to the little noises going on all around me.

When I got up, I found Diane in the hall, to the East Wing, staring at a spot on the wall. She had one of our prints in her hand and was trying to determine if where she was staring was a good place to put it. Not being totally awake, I just agreed with everything she said which was the wrong response because she was looking for opinions. Normally I have those, but not when I first wake up, or when it involves hanging pictures on the wall. If left to my own devices, I’d just start hammering nails in the wall and hang everything up. We’ve been in the house for 7 years, now, and not many things have been hung up, yet. I believe today is the beginning of a change. We got one picture hung!

Shortly thereafter, she went searching for something in one of the floor level drawers in the butler’s hall. I like saying that, “Butler’s Hall.” It just sounds all hoy faloy and uppity. It’s really just a hallway between the kitchen and Man Room that really doesn’t have to be there. I think I’ll knock the kitchen wall down and rearrange everything. I’ll do that one day when Diane’s out shopping at Goodwill.

Back to the drawers, we have three of those drawers, and they are extremely hard to open and close. Especially when they’re full of things we really don’t need. Having a knack for dealing with things we don’t need, and having a new-found desire to rid ourselves of at least some of them, I took over the task of pawing through the drawer innards.

Inside I found a couple of small bags of soft, practice golf balls, six golf tees, 40-50 pens & pencils, a set of nice dog trimming shears as well as one for people, dog and cat flea killer, a roll of teflon tape, 8 furniture glides, a crazy ball the size of a small marble, a wrapped package containing six boxes of sparklers from 1995, three unopened packages containing a dog toothbrush and paste, and many others various kinds of things that get thrown into little used drawers with a sincere belief they will be taken care of at a later date. Proving the latter to be true, I took care of it all. The drawer is now all neat and tidy containing far fewer things we absolutely don’t need. The other two drawers are already pretty neat so I will leave them alone. One of them is the repository or about 75 placemats of varying designs to match virtually any occasion.

While finishing that up, Diane made a wonderful lunch composed of small parts of a dead pig, mashed potatoes, and one of the 35 cans of string beans we have stashed in another drawer in the hall that is difficult to open and close. Dealing with that is an entirely different project.

During lunch we watched a bit of the movie “Hangover II”. The meal was finished before the movie but we didn’t finish it because Jeff, Heather, and girls showed up to play in the snow.

The girls arrived at the door with their boots already full of snow which we learned was from the walk up the hill because the car couldn’t make it. They had a really good time of it and were ready to spend some time inside.


Gilligan, on the right, displayed her normal demure self. She’s always on stage.

Then it was time to go, so everyone got all bundled up and went outside to play a bit before trundling down the hill to the car, and home. Getting the entire group to look the same direction, at the same time, without moving, or putting their hands up, is a difficult thing to do, so this is about as good as it gets. Gilligan is winking, Jerrie is trying to get away, and Baylee is doing what she can to get presentable. Something going on all the time, but at least they’re in one place for a moment.


They tried to make snow angels, but simply laying down didn’t work because there’s a crust of ice on top of the snow and they didn’t sink in. To attain this position we got them to stand up, put their hands up and fall over backwards. Even so, they didn’t get very deep, but they had fun.


Jeff even got into the spirit and did the flop.


… and he made a right nice snow angel.


At some point during all the outdoor frivolity, Gilligan decided it would be an excellent idea to bury her perfectly good had in the snow. When it was time to leave, she couldn’t remember where she did it. We split up, following all the smaller footprints, to check for likely burial spots, but we had no luck. I searched a bit longer after they left, but the hat is still missing and will remain so until the snow melts.

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