A Wedding

Today Diane and I went to a wedding for John and Pam’s daughter, Victoria. Since John is Diane’s cousin, I guess that makes Victoria, and her younger brother, Johnathan, semi-cousins. Now we can add Alic Amaro to the family.

Alic is in the Navy, stationed aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) in Everett, WA. The wedding was scheduled for next summer but was escalated because the US Navy had other plans for Alic next summer. Now they are joined in wedded bliss,  and we enjoyed a terrific reception meal catered by one of the many Famous Dave’s that litter the USA. The food was totally awesome. Honest. I recommend FD’s to anyone who has discriminating tastes. Also, to those who do not have DT.

Here is the happy couple …


Before I forget, here’s the photo from yesterday when Jennifer made her Mom cry …


Not a terrific picture, but it conveys a meaning, just the same.

This morning, before getting ready for the wedding, I fiddled with the hot tub, again. I turned it off last night because I didn’t want it running all night, and the temperature dropped to 98 degrees. Not bad considering how chilly it was last night. I turned it back on, but the heater didn’t come on and the temperature dropped to 96, even after mixing up the wires, again. It was still dropping when we got back from the wedding, so I did some button pushing on the control panel, just for fun, and magically the heater came on when I got it to blink “ST” at me instead of “SL”. I have no idea what either of those stand for, but apparently SL has something to do with disabling the heater. Not so ST. Within an hour the temperature was up to 105. That’s another concern, however, because I only have it set for 104. Since the heater was off, though, I figure it was just settling into a range and will be OK. Tomorrow, if the temperature is still holding, and nothing is smoking, I’ll declare myself a Hot Tub Mechanic. That means you can call me for hot tub advice any time you wish. I do not, however, make any guarantees that answers I provide for your questions will result in a solution for you. I just know what’s going on with the one we have. So, if you have one just like ours, I think I’m good to go.

Now it’s semi-quiet here in the house. We both put our PJs on when we got home in preparation to retiring early, like we say we’re going to do every night, but this time it might actually work. I say that because it seems like I’ve been doing things around here for a few hours and it’s not even 1900 yet. Still really early. I’m watching football and basketball in the Man Room and Diane has sequestered herself in the basement to watch some of her recorded “stuff” while wrapping presents.

I think it’s time for me to crochet something. Maybe a doily. Say, that reminds me of a story the pastor told at the wedding …

I man was married to he wife for many, many years. Early in the marriage he found a box his wife had placed in the closet and was told that he should never open it. Ever. He honored this request. Then, when his wife was lying on her death-bed she told him to get the box. He did, and she told him to open it. In it he found 2 doilies, and $82,500.00. He asked what the doilies meant and she said, “before our wedding my mother told that every time I got angry at you I should sit and make a doily because doing so would dissipate the anger. It worked.”

Looking at the doilies the man was very happy that his wife had only been angry with him twice. Then he asked, “what is the money for?”

Looking him in the eye, the wife said, “that’s the money I made from all those doilies I sold.”

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