Diane’s Birthday & Little Kids

On this day, a few years ago, Diane was born at Emanuel Hospital in Portland. I think her Mom was in the same room my Mom was a few years earlier when I was born in the same hospital. Maybe we even had the same doctor and he created the link between us the allowed us to find each other and know the search was over.

Diane has weathered the years far better than I have. Some of you might think that it’s because she knows how to use makeup better than me, but you’d be wrong. I know how to use makeup just fine. It’s just that she hardly uses any at all. Still others may think it’s because she’s been pampered her entire married life, and you’d be correct. I pamper her to the point where she gets really tired of me doing things for me and tells me to leave her alone. I’m finally starting to get the message and we’re getting along much better now. Finally, after all these years. Truth is, I’m very lucky she spent the time to coach me through the rough parts. And, she raised our kids pretty much all by herself since I was gone a lot during their formative years. She was the boss and disciplinarian who got results. Not me. For all that effort I will be forever grateful to her. For that, and for agreeing to marry me and embark on that journey.

To celebrate the day we (Mom, Me, Diane, Jack, Wynette, Daniel, Jennifer, Cedric, Lydia, and Jeran) had an early dinner at Fultano’s in Scappoose. We spent two hours visiting and laughing. Jennie gave Diane a card that made her cry. Jennie knows how to do that. I have a photo to prove it, but it’s hidden somewhere in the ‘cloud’ and I can’t find it. I will, eventually, then I’ll add it. We all had a good time, as we tend to do whenever we all congregate. Jeff, Heather, and their children were missing from the party because they had a previous engagement, but they came by the house later, after we got home.

Regarding that visit … my namesake, Jerrie Anne, is a busy little person. She, Gilligan, and Baylee came in full of energy, but the older two listen to reason far better than she does. Anything below 4 feet off the floor is fair game for Jerrie. She’s good about giving up what she picks up, but she doesn’t hesitate to grab  something again right away, over and over. It’s a fascinating quest of discovery for her and an arduous, tiring effort for whoever has the energy to keep track of her. I tried it for a while but quickly discovered that it’s really good I’m not placed in a position where I must do it long, and often. She’s a lot like Jennifer in her actions at the same age. I applaud Jeff and Heather for the energy they expend to keep all their kids safe and happy.

I’m getting more tired thinking about it. So, I must stop.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

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