The Cone of Shame

Our big dog, Panzee, has been gnawing on her knuckles for a while now so we made her an appointment with the vet this morning. It’s good that we took her because she has an infection in that area, the reason for her gnawing. The Doc gave her a complete blood work up, determined her to be in excellent health with only slightly elevated liver functions. Just the infection.

So, she is getting antibiotics, old age arthritis pills, a dose of flea killer just for fun, and because she can’t leave he knuckles alone, this festive e-collar …


She hates it, of course, but hasn’t made a really big deal about it. Going up stairs is a challenge, as is going through narrow spaces. So, she’s decided to just tune me out like this …



I don’t blame her. She has to wear it for three days.

The garage door guy just arrived and is working to replace the torsion spring which sprang in half yesterday.

While waiting for the door guy, I manually moved all the tree limbs closer to the burn pile. There was a brief moment, early in this effort, when I thought maybe it would be better to use the mower and trailer to haul it. Instead, I decided it would be better exercise to move it by dragging it, a few limbs at a time, the 100 or so feet to the burn pile. Tomorrow, if it’s dry, I plan to string some extension cords together so I can use my little electric chain saw to whittle the pieces down to burn pile size.


I believe it’s going to be a pretty nice pile and will make a great fire one of these days real soon.

5 thoughts on “The Cone of Shame

  1. Now I’m worried. Not the word “electric” but the word “chainsaw.” Would you do all of us a favor and wear some Kevlar pants, shoes, coat, and of course gloves? And a football helmet with a face shield. I’ve seen the results just from Corn prongs…..and I know it will be dry and nice…..

    • Come on, Randy. Give me a little credit. I wear gloves almost all the time when Im working outside. All that other stuff is just extra weight. The helmet might be handy, though. Im still banging my head on those apple trees.

  2. We are the proud owners of a brand new garage door today. It took us several days to clean up the garage enough so we could find the floor. We succeeded. It is truly a nice addition. As the door guy took the other wooden door down, it began to crumble into many, many pieces. The door was only 27 years old. It had a good life.– Sue

    • Good for you. Our doors are OK but the hardware is falling apart. Thankfully, the spring broke just before the door closed all the way. However, since it weighs around 7,000 pounds, there was no way I could open it.

  3. Poor Panzee puppy. Three days is not all that long. She can sleep that long, and then the collar can go away. Back to being a happy puppy again.– Sue

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