So Long November

This morning when I got up, at 0700, the temperature was 50 degrees F. Balmy. Almost spring-like. A nice beginning to this last month of 2013. It was like that pretty much all day, all of which, except for church, we spent inside. Diane’s Mom, Jean, spent the afternoon with us and we watched two Christmas movies – one from the Hallmark channel, the other from Lifetime. Both were good, uplifting stories, the big reason we watch those channels. Although, Diane and I still like movies where ‘stuff’ blows up and cars get wrecked. Those are fun once in a while.

For lunch, after church, we had our last round of leftovers for a while I think. At least until tomorrow. We had baked ham, yams, dressing, some kind of weird vegetable dish that was really good, cranberry sauce, rolls, and scalloped potatoes. There’s still some left in case any of you decide to stop by in the next three days.

You’ll have to come to us because after Diane parked her Buick in the garage, the garage door lifter-upper spring snapped in half, effectively sealing the big door and trapping the Buick for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, as Diane said, we have two working vehicles parked across the street so we can escape to higher ground if necessary. If I counted the pickup, it would be three, but it still doesn’t have functioning windshield wipers. Or turn signals. So, we actually have only two too many vehicles, but that’s OK for now, even though we’ll have to walk across the street in the pouring rain to access them.

Now, about the weather …

It’s going to get cold, but after the rain leaves the area, so the weather guessers, though they are unquestionably better, still make monumental mistakes. Frequently. Especially in our area. We live at the lofty elevation of 250 feet which doesn’t seem to ever be on anyone’s weather radar. So, when they predict rain, hard telling what we’ll get. I have to say, it keeps things interesting.

With the Buick trapped I’m glad we have leftovers and that fudge I made.

We’re set.

Unless the power goes off.

Which it sometimes does, usually when a squirrel roasts its nuts on the hot wire.

Diane and I hope that everyone made it safely through the Thanksgiving weekend. Now we can all work toward a safe Christmas to end 2013 on a happy note. While you’re all contemplating that, don’t forget Cyber Monday tomorrow.

By the way, this is a milestone 500th post for me. I figured I’d run out of words long before now.

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