Kathie’s New Elbow

For those of you who know about Kathie’s new elbow, I want to share a picture she sent me. Actually, I’m going to share it with whoever wants to look at it. It’s pretty gnarly.

Silly me thought it was going to look more … well, you know … pink and human-like. Apparently elbow selection in San Francisco isn’t about political correctness but more like how the government selects companies for contracts … you know, favoritism when no one is looking, and lowest bidder when they are.

In Kathie’s case, her ‘new’ joint used to belong to the slowest person in the city. Everyone else got away.

Still, it’s very biconical and intimidating, don’t you think? Kathie calls it her “bendy brace” but I think it’s a permanent fixture. Can’t wait to see it. Rumor has it that Mike won’t need a jack if he gets a flat tire … Kathie can just lift the truck up while he changes it.




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