Good News and Other Stuff !

Either the Secret Service didn’t think my question for Senator Merkley warranted their attention, or the Senator hasn’t read his email, yet. Or, maybe it was just viewed as a routine question that will never receive a response. That’s probably it.

Here’s another ho-hum sunrise from yesterday …


Later in the day some local folks cruised by on their horses which ignited the dogs into a flurry of barking, so we unleashed them. The riders came to the fence to make it less of a mystery for them. The barking stopped, and everyone went on their way, with a wave of good cheer. The horse folks were back again this morning, but the dogs didn’t notice so I guess it worked.


The rest of today was pretty typical. You know, church, then took Grams Jean for a ride to Longview where we had a festive lunch of salad, dead chicken, and ice cream at our favorite Sizzler. Diane said the vegetable soup was good, too, but neither Grams nor I had it so we only have Diane’s word for that. I can say, however, that it looked good, but I had already eaten three dead chicken legs from some incredibly large chickens. I don’t know if they are naturally huge, or if the chicken growers force them to work out with little weights in a private Gold’s Gym established especially for animals with no arms and/or opposable thumbs. Hard to tell.

After lunch Diane took us on a whirlwind trip of Upper Longview, a place none of us have ever been. It was both entertaining and enlightening for some odd reason. Diane and her Mom talked the entire time, throwing random questions to me, which I answered without hesitation even though I was playing with my iPad the entire time. Whoever said “men can’t multi-task”, which is probably most of the women in America, just doesn’t know me, I guess. Either that, or I was mistaken in my belief that I was multi-tasking when, in fact, I was actually switching rapidly from one reality to another, participating wholly in both, at separate times on a quantum level. I was apparently switching back and forth in my thought processes that none of us knew it. It was pretty amazing, really. Sitting here, thinking about it, I still find it hard to believe, like it’s not real, or something. Ya know?

This afternoon, after arriving home, Diane found some unused candy in a rarely opened cookie jar. Thinking ahead to next Halloween, she decided to wash it to remove the fingerprints of previous owners.

Here’s proof …


I’m glad I don’t eat that kind of stuff any more

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